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I imported an image of my 3DC sculpted model into CrazyTalk 4, and thought it was kinda cool, so just wanted to share this...the model I used for this is a WIP,

( Cartoon Female ; 'Saphire'

Cartoon/Anatomy Study )

and I just used the CrazyTalk intro sample for the voice-over, but I was just giving CrazyTalk 4 a test run ,I added teeth to her, and CrazyTalk 6 offers the option of adding eyelashes, etc..........but here it is for now.....,

here's the vid ;


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Hey that is pretty cool. I haven't used that program before, but I'll check it out when some free time hits me. I wonder if it can export the motion files...

hi, geo....it has many options of various formats to export in..and it has script import...(it also has a great timeline)...and if nothing else maybe you could get it from the web html export option....., it exports model and script data, so I bet the motion files would be in the script export..., ...

I have version 4, and haven't upgraded to version 6 yet, but I'm sure version 6 has even more export options than version 4.

here's the link ;


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