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  1. Leigh's Sketchbook

    No remarks,looks better each time.
  2. Object disapears !?

    You must press enter after import of your model.
  3. Mac Bugs

    Yes,I feel the same,that would be nice.
  4. Leigh's Sketchbook

    Starting to look good.
  5. Demon Head - First Time Using 3D Coat

    Hi LJB THere is an option in polysculpt wich lets you scale parts based on a gradient,would be nice to have this in voxels. Do eyes this way then scale to your likings. Same for nose mouth eyes etc. All faces are variations in the end of the same basic setup I think. With my "move studies" it was clear to see that you don't need to change much in a face to get a completly different character. I agree local increase would be handy.
  6. first voxelsteps

    Hi Taros. I originally bought 3dcoat for it's retoplogy,voxels was a great bonus;) I'm confident that retopology will not be the problem,nor will the painting,since I have bodypaint,and I just bought UVLAYOUT wich has taken away the troubles of uvmapping.(killer app as well btw) Just needed an app that would let me "clay "my basic shape in a non-mechanized way. I think it's best to play still some,to get the flow of the tools-brushes,then I will do start - finish. Pic>quick test to get sharper eyelids.
  7. Demon Head - First Time Using 3D Coat

    Quickly did this test to see if I could get sharper eyelids.,I know the eyes are not anatomical correct. I think 3d coat needs a different approach sometimes then other apps,not unhappy with this result. If you could now "lock" just the sharp contour of the eyelids and then continue modelling round it,it would help. Ps you could even go sharper on the eyeball import ,but I crashed so no pic.I think it's clear to see in first pic though.
  8. Demon Head - First Time Using 3D Coat

    One thing still. In the short time I used 3dcoat I learned that it's good to stay as long as posssible @ 500000 You can get enough detail to set out the shapes,voxels is fun (brush more predictable) this way since all works smooth. Once you go up it should be for the finer details ,so no large area smoothing is needed anymore. I found that helps a lot.
  9. Demon Head - First Time Using 3D Coat

    I have used zbrush,and indeed the brushes are more pollished. On the other hand painting nostrils,toes,fingers I prefer to do in 3d coat. Haven't gone all the way with 3d coat,but up till now I think it has not dissapointed me in any way. I prefer the freedom of voxels,then afterwards the retopology is not such a prob for me. Things like wrinkles etc should always be bumps - normals,you don't need to model that. Userbase is still small ,this is a young app,once more people start using,plugs and tips might come easier. One thing that is hard is eyelids,but that I must keep till last when I'm at 5-10 million ,havent tried though. Maybe you must also give it some time ,at least use it a few weeks.
  10. first voxelsteps

    Lol,thx Working on something completly diffrent right now,but soon it's back to 3dcoat to play with the voxels.
  11. SPHERE Painting; with brush to choose

    I agree,this feature would be welcome.
  12. Taros doodles

    Good start on the centaur.
  13. Leigh's Sketchbook

    I agree buildup with muscles is interesting.
  14. Demon Head - First Time Using 3D Coat

    The final details like eyewrinkles etc,tiny stuff can be done best with normal mapping after retopo. Haven't had much time lately for 3dcoat,but this is 1 brush for high detail. This picture is @ 4000000 voxels,you can check my settings in pic. I guess @ 12000000 it would be even sharper.
  15. Demon Head - First Time Using 3D Coat

    Join the club,voxels are amazing