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  1. Carlosan, the gargoyle has around 26,000 polygons. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the comments! I appreciate it. The saddle wasn't for a horse, but a flying Komodo dragon shown here. The dragon didn't utilize 3D Coat, but the rider and saddle were textured in it. Ken
  3. I'm not sure if I had posted any of this work here before, but these are some pieces done for different projects over the past couple years. The models were started as voxel sculpts, retopolgized and texture painted in 3D coat. Zombie tiger for "Zombie Apocalypse" Gargoyle for "Dragon Crusaders" Here are some prop designs done with painted voxels: Thanks for viewing! Ken
  4. Attached is a bit more progress. Initial color and spec work done and rendered in 3D Coat. So far, the performance in the program is decent. I'll post more if I see complete more on this creature. Thanks for looking.
  5. Here is a little update: Pictured is the mesh created with auto-retopo after some minor cleanup and the rendered model with displacement map in Softimage. I'll move onto the other texture maps in 3D coat and see how that aspect of the program has been shaping up. Thanks for looking Ken
  6. The model is at almost 8 million triangles and I have 8 gigs of RAM. I suppose I could go to the live clay tools to add more detail where desired, but I don't like the fact that you can loose your live clay work if you switch back to voxels. So, I haven't explored those tools too much. digman---I like your technique for hiding troublesome or complex parts of the object for auto-retopology. I never thought of that--thanks! Michalis--thank you! I'll post more when I progress Ken
  7. Thanks for the comments. The model is at almost 8 million triangles and is still fairly comfortable to work with. I wonder how auto-retopo will work with this.
  8. Just what everybody's been looking for---another digital alien. But I had fun freeform picking away at this. All voxel level sculpture work. I may take it further into texturing--perhaps try the per-pixel painting. Questions or comments welcome. Ken
  9. lighthearted and refreshing!
  10. Thank you for the comments. I'm pleased the characters are appealing in their own way. Attached is some images of the process for the tentacle alien. I did a rough voxel sculpt, based on a given design, to get approval from the production. Even though the design was simple in shape, it's much easier to make major changes to voxels than a polygon model. No fine details were added. After approval, I made the animation model using manual re topology tools. The auto re-topology tools didn't give me the layout I wanted. I only made one tentacle, and duplicated it in my modeling program. Then, the UV's are worked out. Finally, this new model is brought back into 3D coat and the textures are painted. Ken
  11. Hello all, I thought I'd post images of some recently completed jobs in which I used 3D Coat extensively for texture painting. I put the program to the test with models that have multiple surfaces and UV spaces. Each of these models had an average of 8 surfaces that shared various edges or seams, so it was important that there were no seams visible. I'm happy to say that it all worked great. All color, normal, displacement and spec maps, which were 1 or 2K, were generated out of the program. Lightwave was the final render engine, but I also used Softimage for modeling and UV mapping (and rigged poses for these stills). The tentacle alien thing was rendered in Softimage for this personal image, but it's mesh was created in 3D coat with manual re-topology over a voxel sculpt. Questions or comments welcome. Thanks for viewing. Ken
  12. Hello, I thought I'd share a project that utilized 3D Coat. The digital voxel maquette, retopology and texture painting was done in 3D coat. Thanks for viewing and I look forward to further development of the program. Ken
  13. Hi. This is a minor entry, the product of a few care-free hours, but I'll call it done and hope it brings some viewing enjoyment. The model was done elsewhere, but the textures in 3D coat. The render is from Mental Ray. 3D Coat screen shot included. Thanks for viewing!
  14. Hello, I had this cherub model that I did for a job a few years ago that I wanted to texture for my reel. Enter 3D coat. The challenge was creating a pleasing skin for a unrealistic character. Rendered and rigged in Softimage. Questions or comments welcome Thanks for viewing.
  15. Greetings, I finished this a while ago, but thought I'd share. Retopo and texture paint done in 3D coat. Rigging and rendering in Softimage. Thank you for viewing. Questions or comments welcome. Ken