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  1. OK thanks ! I'll try that
  2. Yes!I have a scene with all Normals FBX-Map. but I can not import into 3DC ... "square UV too big" Thank
  3. Hello , I wonder if you can import an entire scene (30 mesh with NM) once in the paint room Thank you
  4. hello, I have a problem with a model that is very symmetrical in the sculpture-room, but which marks "Partial-Symmetry" in retopology chamber. Could you explain why?. Thank you
  5. Yes Thank Carlosan.
  6. Yes and no ! And, symmetry tool destroy the structure . look the video 3dcSymBug.mov
  7. No ! The "X" axis and "Z" operated in reverse as . ...and Sometimes the selection is not taken into account. The action handling cuts the model of an anarchic way confirmed ?
  8. Non , it does not work Merci carlosan
  9. Hello everyone, Can you explain why the distortion goes in the opposite direction of the cursor? with activated symmetry Why deformation does not take all the selected area?. Thank you.
  10. Superbe!
  11. Hello, As AbnRanger says " It had to be an incredibly difficult choice to make", however, the first place is really deserved. Congratulations to all participants and thank you to the team Pilgway. Andeliseev Ostapblender and the other winner, a brief comment?
  12. Hi Javis, Merci . Glad you enjoy @AbnRanger: Yes, that's exactly it
  13. @AbnRanger, MotrJR: Thank you Hello I like things although ended . Some details and colors reworked. Here is a tweaked version standout, of course. I hope that pleases you .
  14. Thank you friends
  15. FiNAL