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  1. Hello, Sorry for the delay. Yep ajz3d, it sounds like this problem. And as the signal "AbnRanger", the tool poses and really wind-broken. wait with impatience the work of the progammers. Have a nice day!
  2. Thank you. Andrew should work on this recurring problem because he has been there for a long time. Hopefully he will read this post. If by a miracle I find the solution to the problem I will let you know, of course. Good night
  3. Yep ! It does not change anything
  4. Hello I frequently this problem with the pose tool. Could you tell me why? Thank you
  5. Hi, @Carlosan: This solution is strange. I do not even know what to use this option. What is its usefulness?. @digman: Yes! This solution is laborious but it works very well. Thank you both.
  6. Yes Digman it's exactly that. But I thought we could set some parameters like in ZBrush. In ZBrush I do not have this problem, the Alphas are visible directly, and there are plethora of settings. is it possible adjust the size of the Alpha image inside the brush? Thank.
  7. Hello How to make for circular shapes of brushes respect the shapes of Alpha (rectangular)? The corners of my brushed alpha is trimmed. Thank
  8. -Tentacle-

    Here is a small image for the gaming pub decoration in Brest (French).the last player . 3Dcoat for Texture and Détails , C4D for Render .
  9. Hi This is the first scenario. Sorry, my demonstration is reversed. And, it works very well. I did not think that 3dCoat transforms the "image-alpha" into .xml and .mclp, and that made me doubt Thank you very much Michael PS:I advise users of 3D Coat, the very good Adrew's work : https: //gumroad.com/l/IspRo#
  10. Is that how we should do it? Thank AlphaBug-1.mov
  11. ?? After clicking on "create an extension" in 3dcoat, this one (3d Coat) does not see the "Alphas"
  12. Hi For brushes. Is it possible to import several alpha (a folder) into a package? thank.:)
  13. Very nice! Bravo
  14. Very nice!
  15. Very good job!