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  1. thank you Carlosan, I did not read that. Can you tell me where this text comes from? Please.
  2. Hi, nobody else do know? Good night
  3. Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to make several render layer in renderman (or, why not 3D-Coat renderer). The ZDeph and OA layers are of particular interest to me. Can you tell me why the background blur does not work in renderman? thank you
  4. Thank you for your comment.
  5. Merci Carlosan, i glad you like it .
  6. Hi friends, here is Princess Païrgone, elder sister of Princess Lillia and guardian of the south door.
  7. Thank you
  8. Hello, I noticed a big bug with renderman in 3d Coat. On medium scenes (10 million polygons) and beyond 2000x2000 pixels at rendering, 3d Coat and extremely slow and crash. Renderman crashes systematically. Would you have an idea of the problem? Thank you
  9. -- RESOLVED -- I removed the folder "3D-CoatV48" from the folder "my documents". 3DCoat creates a "clean" folder. It seems that they have come back in order. Thx Carlosan, Andrew and Sergii !
  10. hi guys, I still have not solved this problem. I will be delighted if someone helps me find a solution. Thank you