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  1. some test See you!
  2. Hi, It is resolved . I am sorry I did not see it the button "un-instance-all" it works fine with it! Tony Nemo, Denis, ajz3d, Ballistic_Tension, thank you friends.
  3. up
  4. Thank you Aardbeg. If you look closely, the driver looks at a screen up date
  5. It would be interesting to see the different color in groups of objects in the VoxTree. As the photoshop layers.
  6. Thank you for your help . Unfortunately, it does not work, the objects remain the instance of the original. I can not separate the objects instantiated .
  7. Hi, How to transform an instantiated object to a independent object? THX
  8. Hello, How do we import an object from a voxel 3dc file into another file 3dc? . I would like to import an object from an earlier project. thank you.
  9. Very good!
  10. Hang in there! man
  11. impressive!
  12. Hi, early texturing
  13. Hi, Some small details more for this car. here is the figurehead. The falcon, for speed and freedom symbol .
  14. early retopo