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  1. Ok, I see now, it works, it was a different version number. I still have strange behavior when using clip masks with layers and I have some corrupted files, I have to show the bug. Anyway, thank you for your help, really appreciated, I learnt a lot today. Happy Easter and have a nice weekend too.
  2. ajz3D, it seems to me it doesn't work. What I have is what you see in pictures: it seems to me it fills the painted layer, not the mask layer, which is empty. I tried to apply some of your instructions to my purpose/script, but the results is the same. Other than that, it doesn't link the mask layer into the clip mask option of the painted layer, it's empty. I'm using 3DC 4.7.20. By the way, where can I get a list of all commands you use in the cmd() instruction? Thank you.
  3. Hello, I'm writing a simply script to help me creating clip mask layer for the selected one, I don't know if 3DC has a command for it. So at the moment, I take the current layer name, I create a new layer with the "m_" + the current layer name, but I don't know how to fill the mask layer with a color and how to assign it to the current layer as clip mask. I'm reading the script guide, but I cannot find something useful. Please, can someone help me? Thank you The script till now: void main(){ SetModalDialogCallback("ModalDialogCallback"); string layerName; layerName = GetCurrentPaintLayerName(); AddPaintLayer("m_" + layerName); SetPaintLayerOpacity(0); // fill the layer // assign the layer as clip mask layer to layername SelectPaintLayer(layerName); } void ModalDialogCallback(){ }
  4. Anyway, the "shame" was for them, not for 3DC team
  5. No, no, maybe I didn't state correctly! I wanted to say that I would really appreciate to have Substance Designer textures inside 3DCoat, like you can have it inside Houdini or Unreal, for example, so you modify the texture network in Designer and you'll get update in 3DCoat or whatever program you use. In no part of my statement I said I want 3DCoat to be nodal! I don't see where I wrote it and, to be honest, I don't see why 3DCoat should be nodal, when, as you said, it's a Photoshop-centric app. I'm happy with 3DCoat as it is now, I don't want to change it. The shame was about not be able to use the power of nodal textures of Designer alongside the immediate (and powerful) painting feature of 3Dcoat, because they see 3DCoat as competitor, of course, for their Painter, not for their Designer. I know you can do export/import textures between apps, but it could be more easy importing directly the Designer file. Again, I like 3DCoat as it is, I own also Substance Live licence, I have both Designer and Painter, and, to be honest with you and to be even more out of topic, I don't know why, but when I open Painter I feel discouraged and confused, I don't know where to start painting, while 3DC seems to me more straightforward: I promised myself, after finishing the project I'm currently working on, to give it a deeper look, in the end I'm paying for it without using and it's not good for business.
  6. What a shame, because Substance Designer is a great program, especially for technical artists like me, and I've used it with 3DCoat. What a shame, but I can see their point. In last months I'm watching this: It seems promising, while UI is just essential.
  7. AbnRanger, thank you. Maybe we customers/artists should know a bit more about future development, while I see a roadmap of things to come in Trello, I don't have a clue about what actually is in development. While I have no doubt of using 3DCoat now and forever, even if I met some flaw, it would be nice to have some news about the next features shared with the world, also for fueling focus on the product, making customers happier and let artists sharpening their creativity.
  8. Oh, I see. Thank you, Carlo.
  9. Carlos, thank you, I didn't know that.
  10. Hi Carlo, for example, today, after creating uvs, I messed around moving uvs here and there for a better painting. Because I created new seams by mistake selecting here and there, I'm still newbie, I deleted all the seams in order to have back the right ones according the uvs. I thought there was a feature like the one in Blender. But no. Luckily I had a previous version of the file with uvs and seams, so not a problem at all. For now. But I thought there was something similar, I mean, when you load a obj file, it seems to me seams are created automatically according their uvs, it would be nice to have a tool to do the same thing but when the mesh is already loaded/you are working one. What do you think?
  11. Hello all, in Blender there's this feature, seams from islands, ie. it will create seams from uv islands to the mesh. There's something similar in 3DCoat? Thank you.
  12. Hello guys, could you please confirm me if the angle snap of Vertex Lasso+Shift works only when clicking over the surface/voxel and it doesn't snap when clicking onto viewport? And... Is it possible to have different angle snap step other than 45degrees? Thank you very much.
  13. Thank you. You're welcome and thanks to share it into 3DCoat Google+ group
  14. It would be nice if we could avoid the export/import step, maybe with the clip mask reading a black and white layer instead of a painted/not painted layer. I would like to ask that to the 3DCoat team. Carlos, what do you think?
  15. Here we go: