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  1. e-LysE

    great gob! thanks for share.
  2. MY Sketchbook

    Here the walkthrough..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hPcyhuSr-Q
  3. MY Sketchbook

    learning the retopo flow
  4. MY Sketchbook

    printed! it is very convenient to "rip" the modle to part in 3dcoat vox
  5. MY Sketchbook

    made by 3dcoat,detail by zbrush,render by keyshot.
  6. sketchbook of Leon

    some of my 3dcoat work
  7. MY Sketchbook

    remake the fish again..... render in sketchfab... https://skfb.ly/6oprX
  8. MY Sketchbook

    Based on Original work by a Japanese netsuke in British museum. all in 3d-coat. render in marmoset toolsbag.
  9. MY Sketchbook

  10. MY Sketchbook

    in 3d-coat render, i don't know how to set the angle of light.......so the render result is uninteresting..... this one is made by marmoset3.
  11. MY Sketchbook

  12. MY Sketchbook

    SKS chinese type 56. all in 3dcoat.