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    today's homework
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    30min speed sculpt...
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    daily practise..
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    Yes。。。。 Their hair shapes are easy to recognize
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    today 's practice.....
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    Daily practice
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    Daily practice
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    some practice ..
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    print complete.
  10. the gizmo of the tansform tools is too thin ,sometimes hard to pick up..... is there a way to make it a little thick??
  11. ok,after a while of practice,i am use to it now.....anyway...thank you very much to making the great software..
  12. i have tried this ,Still very troublesome. . . I just want to mirror the original object,But this operation gave me a copy of the image - even copying its child objects. .A lot of deletion work. If the object I want to mirror is a parent and I don't want its children to be mirrored together, I have to reorganize them. . The original tool is very easy to use, why do you have to change it to what it is now? Is it what causes them? I am not a programmer. If this request is too much, I am very sorry.
  13. In the past, just scale the model to -100%. But now,we can't use negative scaling.. i dont know why are you guys so hate the old transform tools?? This may be for the overall consideration of the program, but can you provide a new mirroring tool? ? Or is there any tool available now but I don't know, please let me know. thank you very much. . .