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  1. I hope that some layers in voxtree can be moved and scaled at the same time. Is there any way to group/ungroup them like photoshop layers?
  2. LeonTung


    ha ha ha ha.......I love it!!
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    more fruit
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    a material practise. modle&txture by 3dcoat render by marmoset.
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    [sketchfab]a266460b4698418ba1522abae2dc756a[/sketchfab] baby blue raptor for 3Dprinter by Leon Tung on Sketchfab
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    the egg of friendship
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    little angel.....
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    Jurassic World: Baby Blue
  9. so sad even i use the space bar...I still can't use a negative value on the zoom axis to mirror the model. In addition, 4.8.20 has too many bugs in hiding and displaying voxels. I had to go back to 4.8.18. . . 4.8.20 is the worst version I have ever used. . .
  10. thanks ! but why?? It feels very inconvenient. This will cause some trouble : hold the LMB click, some mouse movements often occur before press the space bar. I still hope to keep the previous oneļ¼Œthis could be a quick operate, but pls keep the input column If a software has no menus, it is all shortcuts. . . The cost of learning is too great. .
  11. this is the transform tools of the 4.8.20: and this is the transform tools of the early vision: so where is the scale and rotate set????? It is very hard to make a right and left mirror now. Before that, just set scale -100 along the X axis. and the rouate cant set the exact value too....
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    this seems a bit too long...
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    Do some iterations and upgrades to old jobs
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    yeah, It is specially created for printing....