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  1. LeonTung

    NockCharis Doodles

    Excellent sculpture ability, I don't know how to express this feeling in English. Very energetic and free.....mmm...very ...dramatic......
  2. LeonTung

    MY Sketchbook

    h The original painting comes from oil painting by Kewei
  3. LeonTung

    MY Sketchbook

    F happy new year!
  4. because of this :https://3dcoat.com/forum/index.php?/topic/10451-steam3dc-faq/, the worse thing is that I also told my students. The steam version can be upgraded, and they now have the same problem as mine. . . .
  5. Since there are two different cdkeys available on Steam, one is the consumer version and the other is the basic version, it seems that the basic version of cdkey should be used to purchase upgrades. But unfortunately I filled in the consumer version. Then the upgrade cannot be completed. I have written a few emails to 3dcoat support to explain this, but I still haven’t received any reply. I want to refund and try again, but I can’t find a way to refund.
  6. thanks a lot , i have tried this ,but cant find my email adress in DB. i have buy the v4 on steam, the official date base does not have my email.... Anyway, thank you very much.
  7. LeonTung

    [Fixed] Upgrade Licence issue

    please help me too...
  8. LeonTung

    MY Sketchbook

    e The eyes are a little uncomfortable these days, the doctor said I must watch the computer less........
  9. today, i upgrade my own steam version 3dcoat 4 from edu to pro, i find 2 cdkey on steam: i have used the consumer license cdkey for upgrade. but when i finished pay, i got an erro message like this: Upgrade from 3DCoat V4 Amateur (Edu) to 3DCoat V4 Prof Permanent License:Error! Can't find serial XXXXXXXXXXXX in DB Did I fill in the wrong CDKEY? What should I do? HELP!!! please!!