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  1. animk

    Finally Apple to release a new Mac Pro

    Just imagine any people buying expensive mac book pros mainly for watching movies, browsing internet, writing emails. It looks cool when using mac books in cafes, starbucks or college campus. These things can be done by using much cheaper laptops or even chromebooks. While some pros like to use mac/mac book pros, these overpriced apple products probably don't aim for professional markets.
  2. animk

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Retopo is not stable in GL version. I have a file that fail to retopo with instant mesh in GL version. I am able to retopo in DX version and save the file. Once I open the file in GL version, switch to Retopo room, the file crashes. The same thing happens if I open the file in GL version 4.38.39. Wonder if that's the problem of my file. I am on win 10, Geforce RTX 2060
  3. animk

    Merge subTree issue

    Okay, I found out what the issue was. The targeted layer can not be a empty layer. I had the targeted layer as a empty parent layer and that's why the merge didn't work.
  4. animk

    Merge subTree issue

    Yes, all the layers are switched to global space. And this is in surface mode. If I use object-ify to separate the merged objects then merge them again, this issue doesn't show up. Could it be the problem of different object densities?
  5. animk

    Merge subTree issue

    I am trying to merge subTree (boolean or no boolean) and I get a messed up result. What did I do wrong? I am on latest version 4.8.40
  6. Is there a way to auto retopo multiple selected objects simultaneously? The instant mesh auto retopo is fast for retopo objects for concept painting, especially with name correspondence bake option it can get clean baked objects quickly. But when a model has so many parts, it's a pain to auto retopo all of them one by one.
  7. I think the shader smooths those edges. Try edit the setting of the shader that is applied to the object, check flat shading. It would be nice if 3d-coat has option to flat shade or keep edges on the import menu.
  8. Yeah!. And It would be nice if 3d coat offers a feature to decimate mesh based on vertex color, the clearer the boundary between two colors the higher density will be kept, decimation will be performed mostly on solid color or gradient area, because blender doesn't have good performance on running high dense mesh.
  9. The curvature map is on standard blend, the displacement map is also on standard blend. Baking per pixel painting w/ normal map makes the normal map on normal map blend, and the curvature works fine. But baking microvertex makes the displacement map on standard blend, and the curvature map is off.
  10. I am baking curvature on a displacement map. The curvature baking on displacement map(top) looks very bright. Did I do anything wrong? The bottom one is curvature baking on the mesh.
  11. animk

    Gladiotron development thread

    Impressive! And You are able to do everything from concept to animation.
  12. animk

    micro26 sketchbook

    Awesome work!!
  13. animk

    Blender's Matcap

    I think one of blender 2.8 's matcap looks great for sculpting. I use it in 3d-coat and it works great. Set the primary light intensity at about 80% if you would like to use it. basic_2.7z
  14. animk


    Thanks @gbball
  15. animk

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    I managed to get better result by checking sharp creases in IM, I will continue to play with it. If the polygons flow along the surface the result gets better.