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  1. Sounds like a good way to promote the software.
  2. There's hotkey H to pick mesh directly inside the viewport. Funny I choose 3d coat because I think it's easy to use. Big plus sculpting in blender is that I can pose multiple poses of a character with bones, then adjust mesh with shape keys.
  3. On Linux Lubuntu running in wine, I can sculpt on 46 million tris connected mesh at around 50-55fps with rapid brush (auto subdivide off). I feel I can go higher. If auto subdivide turned on, the brush becomes VERY SLOW, but not crash. Computer: intel i7 2600k, RTX 2060, 16GB ram. Maybe a windows problem that causes crash?
  4. Remove stretching? Probably not a bug.
  5. All these 4 brushes have symmetry problem.
  6. 3DCoatGL64-noCL.exe doesn't work for me either. Have you tried 3DCoatGL64-noCL-noAVX.exe ? Some ppl says it works for win 10 too while the original 3DCoatGL64..exe doesn't work. It works for me on Lubuntu (a very lightweight, easy to install Linux distro). I don't know where to get those missing files. I still don't think is a good idea to run 3d coat in Virtual Machine Try dual booting Windows/OS X, or Lunix/OS X, then install 3dcoat directly in the operating system, or wait for the Mac version.
  7. Not sure if this works for virtual machine, but 3DCoatGL64-noCL-noAVX.exe works for wine on Linux. I guess virtual machine doesn't run on graphic card driver, that's why this error occurs.
  8. Yes, drop down menu is not very convenient.
  9. noAVX works under wine on Linux too.
  10. B40 successfully launches on Windows Still can't launch in wine on Linux, but it's an improvement, the artwork window launches then stays forever, application doesn't open.
  11. Be able to set color for icons might be a good idea, like setting color for layers.
  12. animk

    Some personal works

    Thank you.
  13. 2021 beta Failed to launch in Wine on ubuntu, but 4.9.72 GL can launch.
  14. animk

    Sculpting patterns around curved objects

    Hope upcoming 3dcoat 2021's node system will be able to do that.