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  1. animk

    Modo Meshfusion vs MOI 3D

    Yeah, fusion 360 is awesome.
  2. animk

    3d print

    3d prints I sculpt in 3d coat.
  3. animk

    [Solved] Linux vs windows performance

    The AO baking crash has been solved after being updated to Development version wine 3.11
  4. animk

    [Solved] 3D Coat Linux freezes every time

    I am on ubuntu using 4.8.17 downloaded from beta testing thread https://3dcoat.com/forum/index.php?/topic/22364-3dcoat-48-beta-testing-thread/, it's running fine.
  5. animk

    adding resolution to low poly model, details disappear

    Try using "subdivide" in surface mode, choose subdivide entire mesh?
  6. animk

    Newbie here | work Showcase

    It's beautiful!
  7. I have installed 3d coat V4 native liunx version and widows version through wine on latest ubuntu mate. Surprisingly on my machine they both perform much better than native windows version on win 7 especially when handling high resolution sculpting. The wine installed windows version has even higher frame rate and feels more responsive than native linux version. But the AO baking always causes crash on the wine installed windows version.
  8. animk


    Thank you
  9. animk

    Clean boolean on low res mesh

    Thanks for the video. It's a very helpful workflow I didn't know and I can use in other case. The 1st image was done in surface mode. Not a lot of work to workaround, I can export wrl to blender for boolean Thank you.
  10. animk

    Clean boolean on low res mesh

    Is it possible to have clean edge on low res mesh boolean in 3d coat? Like the result shown in the 2nd and 3rd image. I am trying to get a water tight mesh with multiple vertex colored areas and clean boundaries. Thanks.
  11. animk


    It's all done and rendered in 3d-coat, It's such a great tool for 3d sketching
  12. animk


    Really nice!
  13. animk

    Introduce yourself!

    Picked it up on sale for $100 off, it's very easy to use just like a 3d sketch book. Haokun