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  1. animk

    blender to 3dcoat, dealing with edges

    Try voxelize the object to high enough Resolution, switch back to surface mode, then add details.
  2. animk

    blender to 3dcoat, dealing with edges

    If you want to stay low poly in sculpt room, you can edit the shader to make it flat shading. Edge split modifier disconnects the faces, it makes model look sharp but also breaks the model in sculpt room. Sculpt room doesn't have auto smooth angle.
  3. animk

    Complex model with lots of bits

    I triangulate those N-gons or the whole model in retopo room. Still looks fine. Good enough for conceptual purpose.
  4. animk

    Complex model with lots of bits

    Using blender and boxcutter add-on can achieve similar workflow, and get clean low-poly models. Auto unwrap(no retopo required) and do the painting in 3d-coat. It will be a pain to retopo all those parts one by one unless 3d-coat can auto retopo multiple objects. There is work around (such as combining multiple parts to one voxel layer) but still a pain to manage.
  5. animk

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    You are welcome. The only differences I notice between DX and GL are that GL has better response for resizing main 3d-coat window on both AMD & Nvidia card, and slower FPS than DX on my old AMD card (without entering full screen mode)
  6. Which pie menus slow thing down? The tap pie menu in 2.8 is annoying imo, but it can be turned off. I miss the pop up menu for vertex/edge/face selection, it is not available in 2.8.
  7. animk

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Have you tried DX version? I had this problem even though for new scene created in 4.8.40. GL version crashes if there is mesh in retopo room. DX version works fine.
  8. This guy is using native tools. But check out those plugins I mention. They simplify complex workflows to just a few clicks.
  9. I am very happy with boxcutter, hardops, meshmachine and kitops combination for hard surface. It feels like modeling in CAD program, although not exactly the same.
  10. animk

    error - not enough disk space to write

    I have this issue, too. My card is RTX 2060 6GB. It happens sometimes when I am saving, but it goes away if I continue to hit save a few more times.
  11. animk

    The holes in the voxel mesh bug

    Fill voids option is in voxel mode. So your problem is in surface mode.
  12. animk

    The holes in the voxel mesh bug

    Do you mean holes inside voxel mesh? Try right click on voxel layer and use "fill voids" and "close invisible hulls"
  13. animk

    Finally Apple to release a new Mac Pro

    Just imagine any people buying expensive mac book pros mainly for watching movies, browsing internet, writing emails. It looks cool when using mac books in cafes, starbucks or college campus. These things can be done by using much cheaper laptops or even chromebooks. While some pros like to use mac/mac book pros, these overpriced apple products probably don't aim for professional markets.
  14. animk

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Retopo is not stable in GL version. I have a file that fail to retopo with instant mesh in GL version. I am able to retopo in DX version and save the file. Once I open the file in GL version, switch to Retopo room, the file crashes. The same thing happens if I open the file in GL version 4.38.39. Wonder if that's the problem of my file. I am on win 10, Geforce RTX 2060
  15. animk

    Merge subTree issue

    Okay, I found out what the issue was. The targeted layer can not be a empty layer. I had the targeted layer as a empty parent layer and that's why the merge didn't work.