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  1. Please, drop us an email to sales@3dcoat.com and we'll assist you with the login/purchasing process.
  2. That 'deactivation' warning refers to the Beta Tools in V4 only. The license itself and so as all the standard V4 toolset will be fully in force, don't worry..
  3. Sure, and we agree. Also, adding the Floating solution to the Individual license options looks like a necessary step.
  4. Don't have an answer yet, to be honest. But we'll discuss internally if we could technically provide an option better than two separate licenses for simultaneous use. For the moment, for your own use, you can install one and the same license on two computers and run the program on both, but not simultaneously.
  5. Thanks for your request. First off, there're no Floating licenses for individual use as of today - that solution was designed for companies, where multiple users could use 3DCoat at alternate times under one and the same 'seat'. The Floating license also requires a local server setup, which manages the use of the 3DCoat license accross the computers connected. If your target is to have 3DCoat run on two computers simultaneously, you'd need to have two 'seats', which essentially means two license keys. Which in turn, makes it an expensive way to proceed. Therefore, as of today, we don't have a fitting and affordable solution for your case as the only way to make it work is to have two full licenses on hands. We'll think about such an option, if a better solution could be implemented. For the moment though, the path described above would be the only one to achieve your goal.
  6. We apologize for the long wait to resolve your request. Please, check your mailbox, we have just sent you a message.
  7. Thanks a lot for your feedback and words of support Andrew, we much appreciate it! Please, let us know if you have any further questions or requests.
  8. The 2021 license is platform-independent, so you can essentially upgrade one license key to the 2021 version and use it at alternative times on two machines. However, if you need a simultaneous use on two machines, then both keys need to get upgraded to 2021 so you have two independent serials. Just to be clear, there's no obligatory yearly maintenance fee imposed: once you get the 2021 license you receive 12 months of free program updates. With that you can continue using your latest upgraded version then for as long as you wish without paying for another 12 months of updates. If you want to keep your 3DCoat more or less constantly up-to-date, your upgrade window would work as follows: Initial date of purchase + 12 months = free program updates; buying 12 months of program updates at any time from 13th month until 24th month since the initial date of purchase = 40 eur; the date of this purchase now becomes your 'new initial date of purchase' and the rule of cl. 1 above applies again; buying 12 months of program updates at any time after 24 months since the initial date of purchase = 90 eur; the date of this purchase now becomes your 'new initial date of purchase' and the rule of cl. 1 above applies again; therefore, you don't have any strict maintenance window to miss. Secondly, even if you upgrade a few years after, you will not be forced to pay higher price for all future updates: whenever you decide to get upgraded, we treat it as your 'new initial date of purchase' and the rules described in cl.1-2-3 apply gradually, depending on the date you purchase the 12 months of program updates next time. So, we tried to develop a policy of upgrades that would be non-intrusive and flexible enough. It would be interesting to hear your feedback on that approach. Please, let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.
  9. Hi Thomas, please check your email, we should have the issue sorted out now. Apologies for the inconveniences.
  10. Still no set date here as we are finalizing the release... we should have more clarity on it within the next couple weeks. Keep you posted!
  11. Thanks for asking the questions. Yes, the upgrades from Amateur to Professional at this point also qualify for a free 3DCoat 2021 Individual license. To make it a fair policy towards everyone, we plan to keep the standard price for upgrades from Amateur to 2021 Individual at the level of current upgrades from Amateur to Pro, i.e. $280. Temporary discounts related to holiday sales or special offers are also possible, just the same as it's been happening to-date. So, it's up to you to decide at which point you'd like to upgrade. If you are happy to wait until the best discounted pricing is offered, that'd be the ideal scenario probably. Otherwise, it wouldn't make much difference to upgrade now or at a later point.
  12. Are you using the latest Beta build? We have extended that timeline for Beta tools till March there.
  13. Note: 'Simultaneous Usage', which means only 1 computer at a time. You can install the program on more than 1 computer though.
  14. @teao Yes, according to our terms of use, you are allowed to run the program under the same serial key on more than 1 device, as long as you do that at alternate times, i.e. only one computer at a time. Otherwise, your serial key would get blocked. Therefore, you can easily buy and use it on one computer and then install the program on a new computer when you have it. Use Help -> Uninstall license to remove your serial key from the old install, if you no longer plan to use it there.
  15. Please, check your mailbox for a message from sales@3dcoat.com that was sent about 10 hours ago. We've been able to track down your license and resolve the issue.
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