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  1. Thanks for your request Kenmo. We'll take it into account when considering next tutorials. By the way, we've just released the first part of a tutorial on building a historical ship:
  2. Thanks for the question, Mike. Think I understand what you're trying to ask, correct me if I'm wrong:) The 12-month time period for free updates is the main factor here - whatever comes out within that time you get at no extra charge. So, if a 'beta' feature turns into release within this period, you get it for free. If a feature is in beta and turns into release only after your 12-month period expires though, you can get it as part of a new 12-month package at the cost of 45 euros. Essentially, after your 12-month update period expires you have another 12 months to opt to buy a new update package at that same price, so you can choose the best moment to do that (based on your preferred feature set, the program's performance, releases etc.) Hope that makes sense.
  3. Don't worry for the release cycle - you get 12 months of free updates included, starting from the date of purchase, so if the next version, say 2022 in our case, comes out at any point within this time frame, you get it included for free. And, by the way, we do plan to release 3DCoat 2022 within the next month or two. Currently putting things together and will be shipping it as soon as ready to launch. Stay tuned for further official announcements with the details.
  4. Thanks for sharing the idea, Ratchet! We'll add it to the wishlist.
  5. Thanks. We have it all sorted out now. Please, check out our email response.
  6. No, we need to transfer the license from the original email address to your account then. Please, drop us a message to support@3dcoat.com, we need to know that original email address and your current email address, please.
  7. Sounds like you have this resolved Lululee! Just in case you need any further assistance, please, let us know. For example, if the new license wouldn't get linked to your account etc.
  8. Try voxelizing your model to 5-10 million polys and then apply regular export. Decimation to 500k polys ensures excellent detailing for printing. You can also try decimating to 1mln.
  9. Apparently you're exporting for printing, however the model dimensions in mm seem too big for the export to digest, which results in the crash due to lack of memory at the time of export. Please, double-check the dimensions of your model and make sure those are reasonable for the printing. For example, like 200*200*200 mm. Please, let us know if that helps.
  10. Hi Steffen, Thanks for your feedback. Please, drop us a message with more details as to what specifically makes your current experience bad compared to the V4.9, so we could relay it internally and try to find a solution to resolve that. Apologies for the possible inconveniences. In the meantime, you can still use your V4 key and the builds, those should be downloadable from your account at www.pilgway.com.
  11. Please, drop us an email to sales@3dcoat.com and we'll assist you with the login/purchasing process.
  12. That 'deactivation' warning refers to the Beta Tools in V4 only. The license itself and so as all the standard V4 toolset will be fully in force, don't worry..
  13. Sure, and we agree. Also, adding the Floating solution to the Individual license options looks like a necessary step.
  14. Don't have an answer yet, to be honest. But we'll discuss internally if we could technically provide an option better than two separate licenses for simultaneous use. For the moment, for your own use, you can install one and the same license on two computers and run the program on both, but not simultaneously.
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