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  1. @AgentSam: IPB support answer:
  2. As I know such restrictions was made by forum admins.
  3. Seems it works fine now. I will ask IPB support about this.
  4. Please post here some big screenshots using embedded IMGUR links. Thanks.
  5. I have installed dark theme - Titanium 4x. You can choose it at the bottom of the page.
  6. This Academic license uses the Floating license model applicable. So you need to install Fserver to use it. Please use this manual: http://pilgway.com/~sergyi/LinuxDocs/FServer.pdf P.S. Thanks for reporting about an issue with help>show my license Now it have to work fine.
  7. Thanks again! I have edited the extension of this file.
  8. Thank you very much!!! Now it has to work. Please check.
  9. Thanks for testing. Glad to hear that you like it. You may try to use Tapatalk for image uploading. I have not test it but don't see any disadvantages of using their server.
  10. Hello Timmy, Thanks for your question. I have installed Tapatalk plugin on our forum. So you may try to use this app now. Отправлено из моего GT-I9505 с помощью Tapatalk
  11. If somebody else has issue with following a thread send me PM or send a letter to web@3d-coat.com
  12. test mini url http://skfb.ly/li1
  13. Now it works. You just need to copy the link: http://skfb.ly/lidc0ba [/CODE] and it will be embedded as: http://skfb.ly/lidc0ba
  14. The 3D Coat Youtube Channel is an offical reasource for Tutorials, New Feature Demos and more. New content is being added continually, so make sure to subscribe or check in often 3D-Coat Official YouTube Channel
  15. Привет, есть такая http://3d-coat.com/buy-now/ просто выбираете ОС MacOS и там есть ссылка Education Mac - 99$