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  1. Racush

    Racush's Works

    Posting up some stuff I have worked on over the years.
  2. Racush

    bug wit orthographic view. :s

    Just zoom in really close to an object, then zoom out away very fast and that is when I find the bug. Its not like something that always happens but I do see it a few times while I work on something in any of the rooms. This has been seen in current and past builds of 3d coat.
  3. Racush

    bug wit orthographic view. :s

    I've had this very bug a few times. The only time I've run across it is when I'm zoomed in and zoom out too fast. Doing so again will flip things back.
  4. I do remember using a blender script to get static objects into that engine but I found we are out of luck for characters and other skeletal objects Have you looked into UDK by chance I've had luck working with blender/3d coat with it for both static objects and skeletal objects too.
  5. Racush

    MaCrea material creation tool

    You will need to export from the MaCrea application and then construct a new shader in the Voxel room. Then click the "Choose Texture" button and look for the png file generated by MaCrea and you will have your new shader to use in 3d coat
  6. Racush

    MaCrea material creation tool

    just gave it a try and I got a material created with that program in 3d coat quite easy very neat stuff!
  7. Racush

    Unity's Beast Lightmapper

    very neat stuff!
  8. Racush

    [SOLVED] GTX460 -> v3.312 CUDA Crash

    I also found some problems with CUDA with my 480GTX areas of a voxel will go away or shoot out in other directions but if I hit smooth it fixes stuff.
  9. Racush

    3D-Coat 3.3 updates thread

    So cool to see some better hard-surface support with the auto tool
  10. Racush

    3D-Coat 3.3 updates thread

    This was all the work of the guides and the auto retop magic I did not tweak anything. What I did for the normal map was mark my UV seam down the center of the mesh and then merged for per pixel paint with normal maps on a 2k map.
  11. Racush

    3D-Coat 3.3 updates thread

    Looked at the recent update and I like the new wizard options! I put together some snaps of what I got from the auto retop tool this time I drew some guides I can see this will be a huge helper later on .
  12. Racush

    submarine kitbash

    Really like your work! thanks for posting the videos
  13. Racush

    3D-Coat 3.3 updates thread

    I like how this new Retop stuff is working out I gave a previous voxel sculpt a try though I did not have time to really draw the guides. So this is what I got with letting 3d coat just do all the work and it seems to do ok for the most part looking forward to more updates Voxel here - http://www.3d-coat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=5467 here is the result of the auto retop
  14. Racush

    retoppo question

    its from this thread http://www.3d-coat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=5789&st=380
  15. Racush

    nVidia GTX 470 or 480?

    as it was put there was something changed with the 470/480 cards so 3d coat was not setup for those new changes. Andrew is working on it so we should get a fix soon.