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  1. when I execute 3D-coat today, an icon changed. probably, an image changed somewhere. it is so cute. there is an image in ToolPresets. maybe this is the cause. but I have done nothing. why...?
  2. I made an E-tutorial book for Japanese people. many Japanese people can not read/write English. or it takes long time. so, I decided to make Japanse language tutorial at 2 years ago. this is the webshop URL. https://jene.booth.pm/items/1767883 the name is "3D-coatでなんか作る本~蛇猫タッツェルブルムを作る~" and "動画とPDFで見るマーメイドの作り方" for beginner, "The book how to make something with 3D-coat -making of Tatzelwurm -" and for experienced people, "Youtube and PDF, How to make Mermaid with 3D-coat ." This is for beginners. you can learn how to use 3D-coat from view control to rendering. Tatzelwurm is a legendary creature of Europa. his head is like cat and his body is like snake. This is for experienced people. "Youtube and PDF: how to make Mermaid ". you can learn many techniques to modeling with 3D-coat. you can watch many Youtube video. I was abused when I was child. I was bulled in school. And I had kidney transplanted because of illness when I was 14 years old. Side effects of immunosuppressants are so hard. it is still painful. I had a hard life when I was in my twenties. I have thought that I want to die many times.(mental side effect of predonisolone) I started using 3D-coat when I was 26 years old. 3D-coat taught me the fun of 3Dmodeling. I think that I still want to die every day. but I am still alive to continue 3Dmodeling 3D-coat stand by me. thank you.
  3. jene

    3DCoat Apparel Store at Teespring

    reply thank you. I will purchase something in that web shop if so.
  4. jene

    3DCoat Apparel Store at Teespring

    Is that Pilgway official shop ?
  5. like this. for example, the outside of UV is removed in 3D-coat. OK, I use a dummy plane for only UV so far. thank you. I don't care.
  6. Hi, Slias Merlin. reply thankyou. yes, I have used a big dummy plane for now when I have to keep pixel outside UV .
  7. for a long time, my friend and I have said. "I want to draw it the out of UV on 2D editor." "the out of UV of an imported image is removed . it is not happy." is this function implemented in the future? Many improvement points of new version are great. thank you Mr andrew and developers.
  8. if so , that might be his personal error. response thank you.
  9. great . implement thank you. it is getting better and better. this is a request. ...if possible, I want to click gizmo more roughly. clicking area of 3D-coat gizmo is strictly. that work is tiring. for example, this GIF is Blender. I don't have to click an moving arrow strictly. it is convenient. anyway , I am grateful your development. thank you
  10. I have written the subtitles in English. (it might be incorrect english, forgive me) please click the bottom right icon. and if it is fast, please slow down the speed setting. thank you watching the video.
  11. hello, carlosan, Abnranger. reply thank you. I will wait a future request. thank you.
  12. my friend says, 3D mouse can not use in v4.9 . he says, "I was able to use 3D mouse until V4.8.40. but I can not use it since V4.9". his PC is macOS catalina. he uses 3D connextion mouse. does anyone has same issue?
  13. it is good news. but I don't find increase/decrease Slider. Is that function irreversible? if... if increase/decrease "reversible" catmull-clark , I think more wonderful.
  14. when I turn on "back face culling" , faces are flipped on surface mode. if there is already means , I want to know how to reverse faces on surface mode. thank you.
  15. maybe I could find why that issue happen. as a test, I used "retopo via decimaton". but I didn't see edge lines of the retopo mesh. I used "Flip faces", edge lines came out. as a result , the cause of boolian was that surface meshes ware reversed. it might need "recalculate normal outside" for surface mesh on sculpt room.