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  1. @Styler - I dont have that option under the File Menu windows - 3d coat 4.5.28 beta
  2. When i use "export to maya" it opens a save as dialogue box. is there a specific location it needs to be for maya to automatically pick up? I've also tried pressing the "import button" on the applink shelf and it says Warning: Applink No information for processing import
  3. Awesome! After setting up the 3dcoat path and the exchange path in the options i've been able to import from maya into 3d coat. How do i go from 3d coat back to maya? I'm using 4.5.28 and maya 2016 In the video it shows a 3d coat menu item that says "open object in external program" but i guess they've changed that Thanks for this awesome tool !
  4. I'll sell you my educational version at a good discount!
  5. You could also place one eye where it needs to go, then right click the object in the vox tree and flip w/symmetry it will place it in the correct location on the other side
  6. I believe the stretching colors also takes into consideration the overall size ration of the UV shell vs the rest of the shells, so they may be red because they are taking up a lot of your texture space. (i'm a noob to though)
  7. Thanks @TimmyZDesign those are great ideas as well. Where can i find the "Pick from Retopo" command? edit: Found it. Vox room, Cloth tool -> pick from retopo then hit Enter
  8. Basic 3D Sculpting right in your browser... http://stephaneginier.com/sculptgl/
  9. When using the blob brush to create initial voxel shapes, it would really handy to be able to set a thickness of the object in the tool options when you hit enter to build the shape. Right now they all come in at the same thickness. Scaling them with the transform tool afterwards creates a lot of jaggies along the edges even after using the "to uniform space" command. Ideally if there was a checkbox as well that would allow the following options of the thickness. A) insert a straight area between the Round/Plane/Sharp borders eg: (____________) make the object as thick as you set, but the rounding borders etc would still stretch from the widest point of the object, back to the center line of it. Thanks!
  10. Thanks guys I tried the "make object uniform/global space" thing but i still get quite a few jaggies along the edges. The best way seems to be the other workflow you suggested, where you make the primitive the right size before building it, then subtracting from the voxel model with the cut tool.
  11. I've been playing around with the free license for a while. Anyone know if there's a specific workflow for working with 3d coat -> furryball that's ideal??
  12. I made this using the voxel blob tool then scaled it with the transform tool and hit Enter to resample it. But im getting strange edges. Not sure how to clean it up... I tried retopo it, but then realized i didnt know how to make the retopo shell into a new object afterwards... any suggestions how i can clean up these edges? thanks
  13. When i started modelling my character based of my reference images, i didnt stop to think how large in the 3d coat viewport the object i was making is. Right now its at 20 702 230 triangles. which seems really huge considering its not that detailed. So i'm guessing i should shrink it down so that its occupying less voxel space. I tried parenting everything to a master voxtree layer and using the "Decrease Object 2X" feature but that didnt seem to do anything. Using the transform tool seems to work, but when i scale it smaller, the triangle count doesnt change. Perhaps im just missunderstanding how 3d coat works with triangle counts etc. I notice when i scale him that the numbers in the brackets next to the name of each vox layer change as well. (Some say 1x, some say 0.2x, and some say 6x). what do they mean? as a side note: what is a good maximum triangle count for an sculpting project to stay under? thanks!
  14. Is it possible to rotate the transform tool by dragging inside the yellow ring to allow you to rotate along all 3 axis at once? Similarly to the way maya/3dsmax does it? or can you only use the semi circles on each axis end (or the yellow ring that rotates in relation to the camera position?
  15. Is it possible to dump a whole folder of alphas into a folder somewhere for 3DC to pick it up?
  16. If you turn up windows scaling it seems to make things much easier to see https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/magazine/ff629368.aspx Also if you need to try running microsoft cleartype or cleartext i forget the name. for clearer text if you need to. also i read somewhere else on the forum if you find the text blurry within 3d coat try right clicking the shortcut and goto properties->compatibility and check "disable display scaling on high DPI settings
  17. Here's one more: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/400961173050602308/
  18. This is for Zbrush but the approach is the same. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/437412182539390553/
  19. Looking forwards to the update!
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