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  1. Barrel

    4k monitor interface support?

    Didnt work.
  2. The program interface in 4k looks very blurry compared to FullHD.
  3. Barrel

    Cutoff tool + closed spline mode issue

    Hey. Try-to-select- the curve (it turns red). And then cut it out. This is a common software error.
  4. The program crashed several times in a row after I tried to split the object into parts using the vertex lasso. In v. .4.59 it is ok.
  5. Barrel

    Updating to a new version

    -This is not an early access game -So called "stable" versions sometimes have more glitches and crashes than beta. -Thus, the program is not really stable in any of the versions and has always been and will be "beta", because constantly some things stop working -In contrast to this program, games are often more stable -In this case, why pay more if you yourself say that you have to use third-party programs to get around 3Dcoat failures?
  6. Barrel

    Updating to a new version

    I can agree with this. This is true, on the one hand. The fact is that the so-called "stable versions" regularly crashed for one reason or another, something didn't work, and so on, so the program is stable in only one aspect. In this case, the user buys a product that de facto ALWAYS has problems (I don’t remember a single stable version in which there would be no problems). That is, to call a "stable" release that has problems is, at best, misleading. Thus, although no one really "forces" anyone to use anything, it is thanks to the users who have written and described a bunch of bugs that 3D koat is getting better. Again, the so-called "stable" versions are bugged no less than "beta" versions. Taking into account the fact that versions with glitches and errors were also uploaded to this branch, and these same versions were declared "stable", the user does not receive a full, working version of the program. Therefore, due to the fact that ordinary users, including their error reports (and working in a program that, I repeat, was never 100% stable), made this program better, I believe that an update for such users should be free. And as for the fact that it says "beta testing is voluntary", because the program, even in the stable version, often crashes for one reason or another. Thus, by paying money, you are not getting a 100% working product. And then there's also pay for the update. This is strange and not logical. In one version, something will work, but the other breaks, while in the version that was released six months later, something broken will be repaired and the working one will be broken. This is really the way things really are. Thus, you are buying a supposedly working product that in fact has a lot of problems. Yes, there is an opportunity to return the money, but in this case, due to the fact that from version to version the stability of the program is either better or worse, it turns into something incomprehensible and inconvenient. Sorry if my English distorts the meaning and seems rough somewhere, correct me or clarify what I mean.
  7. Barrel

    Updating to a new version

    In my opinion, the fact that those who purchased the license right before the release of the new version will receive the update for free is unfair to those who have been using the program for a long time and have gone through all the old and not very bugs and errors. Thus, it turns out that all bugs, errors and so on were tested on the "old" users of the program, and the new ones will come to "everything ready" for free (in the sense - without paying for the upgrade to the new version). Thus, those who have been using the program for a long time and have gone through all the crashes, errors, corrupted projects, and so on, have to pay again. This is strange and unfair. Do something about it. Just those who have been for a long time (say, a year or more), and should receive updates for free. Because, as I already mentioned, there are too many errors in the program, which were tested on users, as on beta testers who do not need to pay.