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  1. Barrel

    how to join all selected layers at one?

    This command simply joins ALL layers. Do you know how to work in this program?
  2. how to join all selected layers at one?
  3. Barrel

    Free Glass Materials

    No glass.
  4. Unfortunately, I very often faced a variety of problems in the retopology room in all versions, so I most often do retopology in other programs. In the end, it is not even possible to transfer an object normally from retopology to sculpting. The most normal way is to export the file in the retopology room and import it into the sculpt room. This is heresy.
  5. Isn't the program supposed to do this?
  6. Dozens of posts above testify to this, unfortunately. Therefore, you will have to wait again six months or a year to switch to this version, until the developers again remember that they should test at least every three or four versions, and not make free testers out of users.
  7. The developers again forgot to run the program after compilation and released it right away.
  8. If only there would be any reaction to these messages. When I first started using the program about two years ago, it was extremely crude and unstable. Departures could be anywhere. I wrote a LOT of detailed messages, describing the steps, where and how glitches, errors and so on are obtained. There was no reaction. The same errors passed from version to version. In the end, I just got tired of it and I saw the pointlessness of communicating something to the developers, wasting my time on it. If someone saw a supposedly stable version of the developers, recorded in the work, then where did the numerous bug reports on the forum come from? It looks like the "testing" takes place on a single computer in the entire firm. While different system configurations can contribute to the work. It's even, probably, about the hardware level, only if you don't try to run the program on the refrigerator. And when it comes to the "beta" or "stable" version, this is just an excuse, in essence. This whole program, with all its advantages and advantages, is an endless beta version. I want to note that I am only saying the way it is. Without the emotional coloring of the situation. I myself use the program almost every day and I love it. But, perhaps, developers should still spend their money on the testing and debugging department of the program, and not spend the money of users who act as alpha and omega, testers.
  9. Sorry, but you only read what you wanted to see. I was fine with the interface of the previous version. The emphasis of my message was, I repeat especially for you, that any change in the appearance of the program cannot be a reason for the functionality of the program to break. In addition, if I spoke about interface changes, it was about two years ago, when I just started using the program.
  10. It seemed to me that all normal programmers put this at least second after profit, if not vice versa. Thus, there would be no situations on every second release of the "stable version" when the program crashes. It's just that sometimes it seems that the program is uploaded to the site immediately after compilation, without even checking the basic elements of the program. Although the new interface looks really good and "modern", it seems that the cosmetic component should not break what already worked, judging by the large number of bug reports on the forum alone, not to mention the letters to A. Shpagin. I am using the .72 version and am happy so far. But this version is one of the few stable at least in the basic aspects of sculpting. I just want to say one thing - for example, when the Blender exited, its first versions (for example 2.50 or 2.70, or 2.80) could be so buggy that pressing one button in the current session caused the program to crash, in the next session and clicking on that the button did not cause anything, and pressing another random button again crashed the program. BUT. In the next release, for example 2.71, this was no longer at all, and stability reached at least 70% in all major aspects of work.
  11. Well, I really like the look of the new version of the program. In addition, it looks relatively good on a 4k monitor. However, please add normal scaling of text and icons for these monitors.
  12. .72 version - Crush when Retopo mesh -> Sculpt Room. The .65 version was the same. In the intermediate, most likely the same. After all, wouldn't it be easier to send the selected mesh layer FROM the retopology room to the selected layer in the sculpting room? Despite the fact that these panels are located NEARBY. Because in the sculpting room, pulling a file, begging for it, from the retopology room is simply illogical.
  13. I don’t remember from which version the "demo" mode of beta tools appeared, however, why on earth does it end now, if six months ago the beta tools were unlimited? In fact, this is the same program, and I personally find it convenient to use normal curves, and not the old antediluvian ones. Thus, having bought the product for the full price, we were teased with tasty beta tools (which in previous versions worked without time limits), and then simply castrated (add in the background an ever-decreasing number of bugs)? With all due respect, but this looks crazy. This is not a policy that will add points to developers.
  14. - I still can't drag multiple layers to the sub-layer or pull layers from the sub-layer. They are pulled out one at a time. - It still does not work the first time just take and drag the layer, it is randomly either dragged into the sub-layer or remains in the same place. - Still no support for 4k monitors - There is still a glitch with switching using hot keys, from the Pose tool to any other - if you work in Pose, then when I select any other tool using a hotkey (smoothing, for example), the program switches to the desired tool and instantly returns to the instrument pose. - Still incorrect operation of the "flatten" tool (in voxel mode) - instead of taking a plane of three or more points from the center of the brush, the tool sometimes cuts off the wrong parts of the mesh that are needed.