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    My Monsta

    Hello. I made this monster in creature creator. All I did to paint him was use the paintbucket tool in 3d coat on his parts then ran occlusion calculation. I think he looks pretty neat. Not advanced painting on my part but he looks how i want. I rigged and animated in truespace. This is real time render. eldiablo.wmv
  2. 3dfrog

    Humanoid alien start

    really cool!
  3. 3dfrog

    My Froggy

    Here's my first real 3d-brush project. I modeled him in truespace, painted color and displacement in 3d-brush, the rendered him in 3delight with the ts dribble plugin. I hope you like him. I am going to use him for my new logo animation.
  4. 3dfrog

    "no name" from Chinese forum

    wow, looking great.
  5. 3dfrog


    Thanks Juan. I saw on the daz forums the new carrara bones are bad too after I posted here. Too bad. Well, the sale is over anyway, but I don't think I'll get it because animation is my interest.
  6. 3dfrog


    This is awesome. I never saw an animation done with carrara before. Do you find the animation tools easy to use and stable. I have been looking at the carrara 6 sale on daz 3d. I downloaded carrara 5 demo, the interface is weird to me, I guess it's pretty different than other 3d apps. Your renders look great. What render engine does carrara use? Do you recommend carrara?
  7. 3dfrog

    My present for Christmas and new year!

    WOW! I just found this program today, the last day of sale, after trying it for half hour I bought it, and I am not impulsive, this is just a great app! This is a great gift to myself. Thanks.