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  1. Because Cycles was not doing good with caustics and refraction, I used LuxCoreRender. It's much much easier to use than Cycles and RadeonPro Render with much of the needed features (Denoiser, hybrid acceleration CPU/GPU...). It's very well integrated in Blender (Plugin for 2.8 in the way) and they also plan to add a material library. The results are very very accurate with the proper settings! For powerful but easy rendering LuxCoreRender seems to be a very nice tool but I don't know how well it would work with 3D Coat?
  2. Oh yesssssss I always dreamed to see that happening and also to see some improvments! A nice integration with others tools of 3D Coat would be fantastic and so helpfull for indy games... Thanks
  3. I agree for COLLADA! It would be great!
  4. Some interesting game engines are already existing (C4, Visual 3D, Unity, Shiva, Neoaxis...) but no competitors to Speedtree are existing! I think many indie creators can use one of the previous game engines, but no one (or probably very fiew!) are able to spend 3 or 4000$ for Speedtree! From What I read from many boards many people want a library similar to Speedtree without to find. So that's why I would really enjoy myself to see Andrew extend his tree program and why not relase a totally new stand alone version. I'm sure many of us would be happy to spend 300$ or even 500$ to have a real good competitor to Speedtree!
  5. Coucou, Tiens, j'ai vu la lumi?re par hasard et je suis venu Je pense qu'une section fran?aise sur ce forum serait tres sympa!
  6. Hi, I'm very impressed as always by the last beta The paint tools are working better for me, this time I just found 2 small annoying bugs: 1) Symmetry plane doesn't want to be displayed. 2) Copy by using pen work well most of the time, but sometimes some areas doesn't want to be copied. These surfaces are not freezed and I can clone them with Symmetrical copy (But since I can't show the symmetry planes the result is not accurate). Merging layers doesn't seems to have a big effect on this... I use 3D Coat 3.1.03 without CUDA with Vista 64. Thanks
  7. So I probably did something wrong... I load an OBJ from Import => Model for Per pixel painting... For example head.obj sample but the problem happen more often with obj exported from poser. Then I load materials. I click on the Clone icon then I choose Copy using pen and I set symm... Then I start to paint with pen but I have strange artefacts. Sometimes the pen doesn't want to draw anything or some parts become hide... I join a screenshot to show you what I see. I use the 64b version without cuda under Vista 64.. Thanks to tell me what I did wrong or how I can avoid that, thanks!
  8. Hi, In Per pixel painting, clone by copy using pen was working bad (artefacts, strange result), but since this beta it's even worst..?! Otherwise congrats for the V3
  9. I agree with Amber about the painting part of 3D Coat and most of all, I think 3D Coat require great improvment in memory use and clean up of the memory. Since the .83 build i can't barely load saved projects because they seems to require lot of more memory. In the version before the .83 build I tried to load some material. After some loading 3D Coat was getting very slow and I had to reload 3D Coat to add some new materials. I know Vista doesn't help about that... Otherwise the new interface look very good and pro and the new functions (like voxel) are very interesting even if i mostly use the paint part of 3D Coat
  10. Thanks for this tutorial... For me look like a gold piece for the wishing well of 3D Coat
  11. .. and a better axe of rotation for the objects.. When working on human figure it could be really easier to have a better axe of rotation!
  12. Congratulations, Andrew! Now you have to think about the 4.0 relase
  13. No real problem I just want to include lights in the textures.. So basically I want to create and work about the texture in 3DC and maybe to export to another tool to bake light? Thanks all for your answers, I will chek that carefully
  14. Hi, What software do you suggest to light baking? Light baking from 3DCoat could be enough for me but there no way to do that yet ;-) So I'm looking to a software that could do that and without to be too expensive... (Maya is far away too expensive for me..) I read Blender is able to do that but I find the interface really disturbing... Carrara seems to have a basic baking tool but i don't know if the plugin is able to handle light baking..? I also read some good things about Modo and Lightwave but I'm not sure to spent so much for a hobby.. Do you know other alternative..? Thanks!
  15. I found two bugs : When I load the wherewolf sample the Symmetry X and Z axis are not accurate! Y axis is fine. Seems it's due because the sample is not centered on the grid? On this same figure I try to make some faces invisible. I click on this Icon then on the legs of the wolf. If i click with some frenzy on one of them the model is getting totally weird and broken! or sometimes 98% of the model is suddenly become totally hide when i click or double click on a part of the surface. Yesterday i found another bug that i'm not able to reproduce: after using the hiden tools i was no longer able to paint something on the model... Otherwise the multicore feature seems to working fine on my computer !