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  1. Well, I knew it was a forlorn hope, but I did still hold out a little hope that they've now crushed.... https://www.maxon.net/en/article/its-official-zbrush-is-now-part-of-the-maxon-family https://www.maxon.net/en/zbrush-acquisition-faq
  2. You are probably right, but they have not yet *announced* that free upgrades are ending for customers who bought it over a year ago. There is still a very slim chance that they have agreed/trying to agree with Maxon that policies will continue for existing customers. Their T&C's have always said a year of upgrades following date purchase, so people who bought in the year leading up to the 29th still have that, which they have said, but if older customers are still getting free upgrades then people who bought recently before the 29th *would* still then get a year of upgrades going forward if it is covered by lifetime upgrades too, so what they have said *could* still fit. I don't think this is likely, but so far I haven't read anything that explicitly states that this would be impossible. Just very, very unlikely.
  3. Depending on what Maxon announce for ZBrush, there is certainly potential for users (and studios) to flock across, particularly as you have an announced, reasonable pricing point ($45 for another 12 months!!) for annual upgrades! I certainly took advantage of your recent Winter Sale and your upgrade pricing from Indie (on Steam) to upgrade because of the uncertainty and lack of news over at ZBrush Central and because of your non-scalping upgrade price. A crossgrade promotion, and some more user friendly beginner tutorials and I could certainy see a number of people jumping ship! On the other hand Pixologic and Maxon have not confirmed yet that free (or at least low price) upgrades are over for current ZBrush users, but I think we're all suspecting it strongly. But even if Maxon do announce they are continuing with free upgrades, I think people are shaken, and a Crossgrade promotion could still bring new users to 3D Coat!
  4. Humble Bundle have a new Corel creative software bundle, with a few different tiers. At the middle tier it has Corel Paint Shop Pro 2020, so the latest version. At the top tier it has Painter 2019, not the cut down Painter Essentials, the full package. For $25/£21 it seems an absolute bargain... https://www.humblebundle.com/software/painter-create-with-confidence Might be useful for peole creating textures, or for touching up renders.
  5. Hi 3D Coat team, is there any news when 4.9 is coming to Steam?
  6. It's a brilliant price, particularly as it includes Oculus Medium too, their sculpting application. At this price I had to go for it. It's brilliant fun.
  7. I'm thinking of getting 3D Coat, but does this mean it would actually be more expensive to buy 2.10 now and upgrade to 3 later than just to buy 3 when it's released? As in 2.10 $120 Upgrade to 3 approx another $100-120 so total $220-240? Where buying new 3 will be $180-200 So why buy 2.1 now with 3 on the horizon? Simon
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