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Found 8 results

  1. So I have tried to use my tablet stylist to paint, but it just spins the model around. How do I use my Xp-pen tablet? I have tried changing the preferences for it, but nothing happens! HELP!
  2. Hi, Once again I need your help for a brand new problem I met since I changed my tablet Wacom for a Huion (Q11K V2) one. The tablet is working very well on all my softwares, but when it comes to the pen mode on 3D Coat, it just switch for eraser mode. I found other topics about the same problem like this one : but it doesn't help me at all. (I don't know if it's me who doesn't understand or doing it all wrong) For example: what is the "switch mode" which is quote on this topic? I don't get it, is it the tablet interface? (Wintab//PCTablet) Sorry for my bad english, I hope I've been clear enough about this issue. Thank you very much in advance!
  3. Hi, I tried using 3D-Coat with pen input on my Tablet (Vaio Z Canvas with Win 10 Creators Update). It was a mixed experience: In Tablet Mode: Strokes work but Zoom and Pan do not. In WinTab Mode: Zoom and Pan works but strokes only if pen button is pressed. Investigating the Internet revealed that: Win 10 Creators Update changed the way how pen input is interpreted. As a result there are a lot of complaints that pen devices are now crippled in their use for art work (like 3D-Coat as I wrote above). I tried with Clip Studio Paint and got issues there as well. When drawing multiple strokes it inteprets them as either "draw" or "pan" in a random fashion. The conclusion is mainly that one has to revert Windows to a state before Creators Update. The anounced new spring creators update seems to make it even worse according to the first online feedback. Does somebody know if the above is true for Wacom devices (especially the new Wacom Cintiq Pro) as well?
  4. Hi, I would love to have an option for tablet mode like e.g. clip studio paint that allows me to switch between wintab driver (for wacom tablets) and for tablets under win10 without wintab driver. With wintab driver 3dc has superb pressure sensitivity on the surface pro 4 and is a dream to work with. Unfortunately the Adobe Apps don't like this driver too much, so I had to remove it. In Clip Studio Paint I can simply switch to tablet mode and I have my pressure sensitivity back, but 3DC and ZB need wintab. I don't care so much about ZB but I do about 3DC so if possible it would be cool to have this option. Thanks Smolli
  5. Hi Guys, So I am just getting back into 3DC after finding out about the latest version being available on Steam. I am trying to use my Wacom graphics tab to sculpt but there is a really annoying 1 second delay (possibly less) that is really noticeable and very difficult to work with. I am wondering if this is a potential bug or whether its some sort of setting within my graphics tab that I can fix. When I use my tab in Zbrush there is no delay and it works instant but in 3DC I try and sculpt with the pen and its as if my tab thinks I'm pressing down and holding, a little white circle appears next to my cursor for just a second and that happens with every touch I make. My graphics tablet is a Wacom Bamboo. I am running Windows 10, I've tried looking for the settings within Windows 10 just in case there was something there but I am having no luck finding anything. One thing to note is that when I first plugged my tab to my computer it thought I was using a touch screen device such as a touch monitor or something, I haven't changed any settings within Windows 10 so everything should be default. I also use a wireless receiver for my tab as well so I don't have a USB cable trailing around. Any help is appreciated
  6. Hello Guys! I'm Vaiktorg! 20 yrs old and I'm totally new here! x) I'm a Animation student. Today i finally got my hands on 3D Coat and I'm excited to start working on it! Hope to learn lots from you guys and try to contribute to the community. (wont be of much help due to my currently limited knowledge). Im currently having a problem on 3D Coat and my Wacom Bamboo tablet. When i make fast strokes on the model (while sculpting), it flickers for a fractioon of a second and then the stroke goes smoothly again. I have no problem with photoshop, but only with 3D Coat. Thanks!
  7. just to make you people drool as I do right now. http://community.wacom.com/2013/08/20/get-mobile/ I had a talk with someone inside of wacom last year and was forbidden to mention anything to the general puplic. Can´t wait to test 3dc on it.
  8. Hi, Is there any known compatibility issue between 3d-Coat and Aiptek tablets? It's a Hyperpen 8000U. There is no sensibility at all. I'm crossing my fingers for a positive response here. It's disappointing to see the number of softwares that doesn't work with this pen or anything other than Wacom, for that matter
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