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Found 9 results

  1. Is it possible to use the new curves implementation to allow a user to place Hair Cards ( UV'd Geo from the Retop Room ) smoothly along the curves ? The curves themselves are a great addition, it seems they would be perfect for this type of work?
  2. Hi, I want to try to create a hairstyle in sculpt mode using planes. I tried the Curves tool but there is no option to create flat plains. Or is it? Do you have any idea how to achieve something like this (just the hair):
  3. Anyone know how to load an image map? I checked under "Texture"--->"Import" and I see everything but normal maps? Just playing around in Makehuman and when I brought the hair.obj and hair diffuse map into 3DC, I get this. I want to hide the exposed scalp.
  4. ajz3d


    From the album: Crite

    A Crite from the "Critters" movies (New Line Cinema, 1986/1988/1991/1992) Final contribution to 3D-Coat Challenge #11: Hairy Creature (with hair done without a fur system or instancing). Fur consists of 283 hand-painted poly sheets manually distributed over the creature's body.

    © ©2015 Artur Julian Żarek

  5. Hairy Creature. A common product output in the CG world with large investment in developer time and effort in the production of hair/fur systems. But does the algorithm control the art or can artists produce great "hairy" work without vast computational tools? Lets find out. Rules: 1. Model a hairy creature (any type and style: real or imagined) and paint (any method) in 3D Coat. Hair effect generated by real geometry or paint. Image texturing acceptable from other software (photoshop, etc.) as part of Paint Room processing but should not be used to post process a final render for more or less hair effect. 2. Render in outside renderer if desired but do not use outside particle system or instancing system to produce hair effect. 3. Post WIP early and often. Mark final render or final screen shot as "Final Version". 4. Challenge begins: 16.08.2015, deadline: 23:59, 26.09.2015 Enjoy. BK ------------------------------------------------------------------------- FINALIST ajz3d benk BringItBack carlosan Michaelgdrs
  6. ajz3d

    Crite Face Close-up

    From the album: Crite

    A Crite from the "Critters" movies (New Line Cinema, 1986/1988/1991/1992). Close-up shot of my final contribution to 3D-Coat Challenge #11: Hairy Creature (with hair done without a fur system or instancing).

    © ©2015 Artur Julian Żarek

  7. Hi I need to do fast head sketches with hair For block the big shapes im using rapid2 But for details Scratches is enough ? any help to build a preset is appreciated Example to achieve with 3DC:
  8. I am wondering if anyone can point me in the direction to some good hair techniques or tutorials? Thanks!
  9. Some changes/additions to the spline tool in the retopo room could open up a nice Lightwave fiberfx guide creator: 1. Export splines to LW FiberFX compatible guides. (a general spline export would be nice also) Each guide is made up of a 2 point poly chain and a 1 point poly "root" as the base. (see attached sample. And a description on Worley's site here under "Guide Geometry".) the root poly needs to have a separate surface (ie called "root") The rest of the 2 pt poly chain can be called "Fiber" The order of guide creation is important. One way that seems to work is to first create the root 1 point poly at the first point of the spline, then create the rest of the 2 point poly chain. Repeat with the rest of the splines. Creating all the 2 point poly chains then going back and creating all the 1 point root polys does not seem to work. 2. Option to "snap only base". While drawing spline, snap only first point of spline to surface then draw spline on screen plane (ie when cursor leaves object and draws in empty space) this way we can draw splines perpendicular to the surface or raised while the root is attached to the surface of the object. 3. Option to "stick spline base". Stick allows the spline to be modified either by point or by brush but the user cannot move the root. 4. Option to keep distance between points of spline so we can modify their position but keep length of guide the same. 5. Allow the brush to modify multiple splines. 6. Allow points on the spline that are not snapped to surface to be selected and modified. sample_LW_Hair_Guide.zip
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