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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all, I hope someone has an answer for this "problem" I am having. I have currently re-topologized a model inside of 3d coat 2022. I have pushed the smooth button and it looks great! Only one problem, it pushed my retopo from 410 quads to 3500. Is there a way to control this function? I have been searching for quite some time and unable to find anything. If I was able to use just %25 of what it gives me it would be spectacular!
  2. Multi smooth pose/freeze selection Description: The script applies n-steps of smoothing to pose or freeze selection. Installation: Windows Vista/7/8: 3D Coat v4.0.16 and newer: Copy ajz_multiSmoothFPSelection.txt and ajz_multiSmoothFPSelection.xml files to "%USERPROFILE\Documents\3D-CoatV4\Scripts\ExtraMenuItems\" path (if "\Scripts\ExtraMenuItems\" directory doesn't exist, create it). Alternatively, unpack the ajz_multiSmoothFPSelection.txt file to temporary directory and run it with Scripts->Run Script. Both actions will place the script in Voxels menu (3D Coat restart is required). 3D Coat v4.0.15A and older: Because InstallToMenu function is buggy in those versions, you'll need to run the script with Scripts->Run Script and access it through the recent scripts list. Macintosh/Linux: 3D Coat v4.0.16 and newer: Unpack the ajz_multiSmoothFPSelection.txt file to temporary directory and run it with Scripts->Run Script. This should place the script in Voxels menu (3D Coat restart is required). 3D Coat v4.0.15A and older: Because InstallToMenu function is buggy in those versions, you'll need to run the script with Scripts->Run Script and access it through the recent scripts list. ajz_multiSmoothFPSelection.7z ---------------------------------------------------- //edit
  3. Hi, I think is a bug, the intensity of the smooth brush does not work, it is always at maximum, even when changing the value
  4. Hiya! I'm loving 3DCoat for painting textures on lowpoly models. It has great tools that makes life a lot easier. But I'm getting quite frustrated when it comes to handpainting soft shading or blending colors. I'm trying to use the airbrush to paint some light, smooth shadows, but all I get is ugly noisy results. Quick example: A more isolated example: It's not a spacing issue, and I've meddled with the other brush settings to no avail, including the Paint with Dabs. I just never get smooth-looking strokes unless I paint with more opacity, and even then you can still see the 'bad quality' look. Not even smoothing seems to help clean it up, and it's also an extra step that shouldn't be necessary. The behavior of the normal brush isn't ideal to do this, apparently, and it can also look bad with light opacity. I've noticed banding issues. Is there no dithering? I'm just not sure if this is normal, or if I just shouldn't be doing things this way. I don't have this problem in other 3D painting software. Using version 4.8.25 - win10 Any help appreciated! Thanks!
  5. I was doing some retopology and was using shift + Brush to smooth out the polys when it just stopped working. I don't know if I hit a key that did something or ??? Is there way to get the smoothing option back?
  6. is there a way to polish/smooth a mesh in the Sculpt room with a command instead of doing it manually? thanx
  7. Sculpting a hand but the mesh has these lines that run around the mesh as you can see in the image on the left side. Cant get rid of them. And I'm trying to add detail to the knuckle but even on high detail it comes out lumpy. help please?
  8. OK, I've decided to make some verbose testing to diagnose the spacing issues that I've met so far. Anyways, I welcome everybody to my journey for perfection. So far I've made the following tests with different Spacing and drawing types configurations. Stay tuned! Hope that the devs will see this thread, as I think the whole story is very important.
  9. I would just like to smooth + subdivide a mesh imported into 3D coat to make it a high res mesh, then retopologize it in 3D coat as well. Normally I export the high res mesh from maya, But I've switched to modo indie which doesn't allow exporting a mesh with over 100k polies. Since I prefer retopologizing in 3Dcoat, it is possible to smooth + subdivide a mesh the way Maya or modo does it? I tried subdividing on import but it doesn't look the same.
  10. heyas, guys! still watching hours of tutorials and demos (thanks!)... have some newbie questions that i hope haven't been asked 100 times before. PS: i'm using 4beta14a1GL 1: Smooth Tool how come sometimes this aggressively melts the model down to nothing, and sometimes it barely does ANYthing? i've tried different strengths, sizes... it just usually ends up doing the opposite of what i want? (ie: melting my mesh when i want a faint little adjustment, or barely doing anything noticeable when i want the mesh to melt.) 2: Pinch Tool & Creases the pinch tool isn't behaving the way i expect. not sure if this would be a bug or feedback/complaint. it pulls the mesh together in the middle, but it also creates a dent around the stroke. i don't want the indentation. i tried to make a crease by using the extrude tool (inverse mode, of course), with a sharp pointy brush tip. that created a decent little trench. but then i wanted the pinch tool to pinch the sides of the trench together to make a skinnier trench, it actually made a wider, yet shallower trench. so what's a technique for creating creases? 3: Tools that Go into Voxel Mode i threw some presets on the preset floater. the move tool, and the translate tool. sometimes when i switch to the translate tool, it pops up and says "This preset will switch your [sic] to voxel mode." sometimes it doesn't. sometimes the move tool makes this pop up. the thing is, i thought i was IN voxel mode and never left it. i haven't switched anything to surface mode. that i know of? i'm not using the tools in the surface subsection. i never change room tabs. nothing ever pops up and tells me i'm leaving voxel mode, or entering surface mode. 4: Translating in Symmetry how come this tool doesn't obey symmetry? like, say if i paint in a sphere for an eyeball, and i want to move the eyeballs closer to the centerline. i don't want to smush them or parts of them over with the move tool, i want to actually translate them side to side. but the translate tool appears in the middle of the two eyes. and even if i move it to one side of the centerline or the other, it just moves both sides in the same direction. 5: Mannikin Parts Symmetry on different Layers i wanted to turn the humanoid mannikin into a digigrade mannikin. so i was monkeying around with the left lower leg. and the stuff i did there didn't translate to the right lower leg, because it was on a different layer. except the posing tool, which affected both parts. can someone explain the different symmetries going on? and give me some pointers on how to edit the shin, then duplicate (clone?) it to make the shank, and then how to get the corresponding right side parts? i found the clone command, but there are different clones that weren't explained very well on the wiki, and i'm not sure which ones are linked clones and which are just independent copies? thanks a bunch!
  11. I realize you can smooth in Surface mode and it will try not to destroy your mesh, but if there is a way to improve on the smooth (as I'm sure is already being worked on anyway), such that it is completely non-destructive that would be awesome. The only way I can think this could happen is to be able to adjust a locking plane that cuts perpendicular to a very thin part of a mesh you want to smooth that "blocks" the smooth operation from destroying the mesh.
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