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Nvidia�s next Tegra chips will get a big boost from new GeForce GPUs

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CEO Jen-Hsun Huang walks us through the roadmap for 2014 and beyond.

The truly interesting thing the architecture brings to the table, though, is something called "unified virtual memory." In short, this technology would make the GPU's memory accessible to the CPU, and the main system memory accessible to the GPU—all of the memory in your computer will be usable by both of the major processors.

Looking further into the murky future, Hsun-Huang then talked about Volta, Maxwell's successor. Volta concerns itself with reducing the amount of space that data must move to make it from the GPU to the memory and then back again.


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Quadro K which are nothing but rebranded gf6xx ;)

I like nvidia they have a great hardware tech team, but these days it gets harder and harder to accept "pro cards" as a real better alternative to gamer cards...

As for the mobile branch, those name are misleading, the kepler tegra is nothing like the desktop kepler, it's two chips put together for power efficiency and math boost when needed :)

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