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Voxel Thickness / Wall Thickness 3d print


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I'm doing a little research regarding 3d printing for a woman I teach with. Is there a way to set the voxel grid to a specific amount that would represent the print volume, and the voxel size to the minimum wall thickness? For instance, the minimum wall thickness is 3mm, and the print area is 340 x 240 x 200. I suppose as long as the voxel was visible, I could leave the voxel at 1 and divide the rest of the numbers by 3. I'm just not sure if 3d Coat can do what I'm asking, or if it can, where the buttons are. I'm not used to sculpting to these kinds of restrictions.



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I 3d print all the time, I think you're over thinking this... If you know the final size and it' affordable for you just print it! I create and print in the mm world so unless you're smaller than that I wouldn't worry about it, and just print it.  Prints are cheap, so at the very least it'll be an inexpensive learning curve.

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