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How to paint multiple different objects at the same time ?


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Greetings everyone,


I would like to know if there is a way to paint different objects in the paint room simultaneously. I am painting an armor for a character but every piece has a different UV layout. I want to paint them all inside the same 3DCoat window so I can paint in context. Is there any way to do so?


If I import an FBX with the different models to 3DCoat and paint on one of them, 3DCoat automatically paints on the others as well. I am trying to paint how you would in a software like Mari where each individual object in the scene has its own layers and such. I hope this is possible in 3DCoat.


Thank your time!




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I just figured it out, it wasn't quite that. Turns out I just needed to import new objects with File > Merge Object. 3DCoat is funky in that every layer name is shared by all objects but each object uses a different map.


It works perfectly, though!


Thank you for the help. :D

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Turns out I just needed to import new objects with File > Merge Object.



You do not need to do that, it would be very tedious if you have many separate elements.


What you can do is put all separate objects in a single OBJ file (make sure they are exported accordingly, and not merged into a single object upon export. You might need to set this option in the exporting application), and lay out the UVs in separate UV tiles (e.g. one tile per object, but this is not a necessity). Import the OBJ file into 3D Coat with the 'Import Tiles as UV Sets' option activated.


-> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fv4UsDbtiPg

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