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Baking ambient occlusion to a vertex painted model


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Hi guys


I'm trying to calculate occlusion in 4.1.17D.


- I have multiple vertex painted models in the paint room.

- I'm creating a new paint layer.

- I'm going to the textures menu & clicking on calculate occlusion

Light sources = Sphere + Hemisphere

Lighting Render Target = into the current layer

Light count 128

Smoothing steps 10


I hit ok and the graph shows for a split second but nothing then happens.


Any steps I'm missing?


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in our Skype conversation yesterday I was using beta 12. I assumed 4.1.17D baked AO as well for vertex models. I was wrong...  :blush:

You will have to use the PBR beta for vertex AO baking.

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im baking AO using 4.5Beta12A and Pic_MAt_Grey_Clay with no issues


file sendit

It was my fault, Carlosan, there is no need for arumiat to send the file. I was using Beta 12 when I told him he could bake the vertex colors. arumiat is using 4.1.17D. He will have to installed the Beta to be able to bake his vertex model's AO. I do not every day used all parts of 3DC plus the betas, my mermory failed me this time.

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