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Differences between "Steam" PRO and the web "Full Professional for Windows"


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Looking at the steampage, buying there the Pro license costs around 289€, while buying the "Full professional for windows"  (wich looks pretty much like the same to me) on the web costs 400€... Would anyone please tell me if there is any key difference between those two versions?


I would understand if the program was on sale, but it's not, so it looks just strange to me...

Thanks! :)

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Strange, I see the price in €, maybe that is what changes? (even in your link). But I can only se the "3d-coat professional".
I've attached a screnshot!




(sorry I have the store also in spanish, I hope you don't mind :P)



PS. I hope this is a different kind of license, because I got mine on the official webpage for 400€ yesterday and told a friend of mine, then, he showed me the steam one only to see that this one is 120€ cheaper, if that is so, I would be a bit upset by it.. =/

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Hi , 


$379 is not 400e.  $379 is 339.910 EUR




1) On steam you dont pay VAT so it comes cheaper


2) On 3dc store you pay VAT so its 339.910 EUR plus VAT.


3) On Steam if you own a stem Edu it cuts another %28 



The difference is  around 50 EUR PLUS VAT that you save up if you buy from STEAM


3dc store  339.910 EUR


steam 289.99



In my case (saying this as a friend and  because before we buy anything we ought to do a good research so we can always get the best deal out of it)



I bought my Edu from Steam even cheaper but it was on sale too.


I bought my Pro from 3dc ex user "used" in a good deal and sell my Edu as well in discount.



Finally there is no difference in buying a license from Steam and a license from 3dc store.



Please don't be upset  , you will get your money back 100000% from the very first project you will complete or even use 3d coat , TRUST ME 100000% on this,


so what is done is done , next time do a little research first and you are always going to be a winner hopefully.


Friendly talking as always 



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I really didn't expect that in steam there would also be 3D programs! But you are correct, I should have searched deeper.



Thanks for your understanding and for your fast answers! I will also contact them and see if there is something they can do for me ^^


And I'm happy to be here! =)

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