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watching the Vox Layer tutorial  he has the football player arm and in the  E panel  chooses  closed spline  then draws spline across the arm around the whole/backside also . I am only getting 1/2 front of the arm.  I can not figure how he marks through the back side of the model to get that full band around it ?   I do have ignore backfaces on  also tried  it off.. in Voxel s  mode also. 


     I am using 4.5.03  now when I try too close the spline on last green square  it just disappears . I  am using the Closed Spline  in the  E panel   mmmm


  Ok I had  Depth Limit  on  turned that off also  now all works   thanks for the answers it   was driving me crazy.

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I tested on beta version 4.5.25 non-cuda 64 bit, Windows 7 64 bit and the voxel layer tool works correctly in both voxel or surface mode.

I use the same tool as AbnRanger in the video but just made the control points hard.

Ignore backfaces off in the e-panel.

Attached image shows front and back view.


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