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Import problems OBJ vs. STL


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Hello ! I have this problem at importing a mesh. In rhino is ok shaped and I export it as obj or stl. This is the model in rhino.6.thumb.png.452fd6a97e4ed94bee81e66d0fb99336.png

This happens when I import is as OBJ... mesh is changed... new polygons appears but the details are kept like the initial model. Only mesh is in addition. Why ?



AND this is when I import as STL... NO addition but the details are hardly affected and the mesh looks awful..3.thumb.png.584a946863edde680f04a188bfe697a8.png4.thumb.png.299beeaac4e579c556b47c9ecafc4415.png

After the RES+ for STL imported it looks like this...



What can I do ? I want to import a clean model for surface detail modelling ? Can anyone help me ? Thank you !

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This issue could be accounted for on the Rhino side via the command SelClosedMesh or SelClosedPolySrf prior to export.


All you need to do is increase the resolution in your layer before you import.  In some cases, you can increase the resolution of the model before committing it to the scene in the dialogue box that comes up, by subdividing, but I don't find that useful.  I almost never check 'merge without voxelizing,' but others have had trouble with this.  The reason to merge without voxelizing is so that you can work in Surface mode.  You can still voxelize it afterwards, but, again, the resolution of your layer might need to increase.

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Ok I tried everything you said... the only way the mesh is not affected is STL import and before committing it I click flat subdivisions until I have about 11 millions poly. After that if I resample mesh is affected... as you see below. I can make flat subdivisions till I am happy with the model but is hard for my PC to go over 50 millions triangles... it crashes


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