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How to set thickness for complex retopo mesh?

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I hope to add thickness for this spiral plane retopo mesh (no thickness , because I can not find good way to retopo these mesh with thichness first)

Then I used "Shell tool"  But it seems RIp all new generated mesh verts.


(I do not know what cause this issue, sometimes it not happen after apply shell,  but  when I set seams around edge, there are many rip vertices.then I can not un-wrap correctly.. manually merge one by one all edge parts are almost impossible,,)  So I tried another tools, but I can not find good way.


Is there option, by which I can add thickness for this plane band along to normal , so it covered aproximately , the voxel band shape of grip) but vertices not un-separated then can generate UV easy?

To set UV seams is simple enough,, (because after all it is plane mesh with thickness, loop seam tool can do it easy,, )

And I attached the spiral retopo mesh only,, so if any one need to confirm Shell tool problem, test it please,,  I can not manage it at all,, (I try with new scene and import mesh,,after use shell tool,

after all there are many rip vertices,)





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Well, I just selected all edges around the band, then extruded by hitting Enter and scaled down in Z and Y (considering that X is along the handle)




For the Shell - looks like everything is ok, but it makes faces inside that are not needed, i think.


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Thanks to test ..  I tryied to scale, it seems not fit well as normal direction when loacate with sculpted band, so the Shell tool seems best opiton for me.

Then I found why my generate mesh seems corrupted (rip vertices,,) when I use Shell tools. 

I usually click apply, about most of tools which  offer the button, (not Enter). Then I just use it, after drug arrow and adjust thickness.

But about shell tool, If I click "apply" it seems duplicate all verts . . ( for work with commit extrude?  I do not know, why I need not apply about this tool)

Then if I just drug arrow and exit the tool without use "Enter" or "apply" button, 

 I did  not see any duplicate verts  problem.   So finally I could generate and unwrap this mesh in 3d coat.  

Then I found, in retopo room there seems no real soft selection tool ,which can work with gizmo,, to move normal direction about selected face (soft manipulation),,

Brush tool not offer way to move normal side,, and transfer tool not offer soft selection,.

And yes I start at first without back side mesh (delete it once) , and there is already Uv island, then can easy remove the fafces ^^

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