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Gary Dave

[Solved] Steam version not launching.

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So I've just turned up to a new office, new PC, installed Steam on an admin account, downloaded 3d coat as normal, but it's not launching.

It gets to the point where it shows the license info (to copy to clipboard), then starts to launch, but no splash screen or anything, then it just stops. Tried re-installing both steam and 3dc, tried installing it on the default admin account (though my account is still admin anyway)...no luck!

Am now going to try downloading the standalone from the website, but still would like this steam issue resolved.

Extra info:
No third party firewall/antivirus. Checked event logs, all fine, checked that 3dc is allowed to run, also all fine. Other applications/games run just fine through Steam, but 3dc fails.

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Update your graphic card drivers and test DX or GL version.

If nothing works, please contact support@3dcoat.com


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