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[Solved] Your customers need serious clarification on your 2021upgrade policy

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So, specifically to those of us that currently have the amateur license (which I'm guess is a large portion of your customers):

Your announcement page here:  https://3dcoat.com/2021announcement/

States that "All the 3DCoat Professional type licenses purchased by individuals from August 1, 202 until the release of 3DCoat 2021 will get a Free Upgrade to 3DCoat 2021 Individual". Does this include amateur users that UPGRADE to pro during this time, or is this only good for people that buy a completely new copy of Pro?

It then states "All the 3DCoat Amateur type licenses purchased anytime until the release of 3DCoat 2021 will get a Discounted Upgrade rate to 3DCoat 2021 Individual license, regardless of where you purchased.However, you fail to state what that upgrade price is going to be.

So the question you need to specifically answer, right now, is: For your customers that currently have an amateur license and want to upgrade to 3D Coat 2021 Individual license, will it be more cost-effective to upgrade to Pro now and get the free 2021 upgrade, or wait until release and pay the special upgrade price then?

I know you want to wait and announce all this stuff along with your new website and so on, but since parts of this offer are time-sensitive and you don't provide all the information necessary to make an informed decision, you are going to have a lot of angry customers if they make the wrong decision and then ultimately discover that it would have been cheaper to choose the other. Needless to say, that's not going to be very good for your business.

Please clarify this for those of us that want to give you money. Thank you.

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I am forwarding your post to



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