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[Tip] RGB Cavity Curvature / Cavity Width


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Windows version: 2021.37

RGB Cavity "Curvature"---- Preferences---Tools

Cavity Area Width-----In the Smart Material Editor. Appears in the Editor when RGB Cavity is selected as default.

Delete your old Curvature layer first.

When you first run the Curvature using RGB Cavity, the Light Baking Panel comes up. I did not change the settings but I imagine you can change some. Do not change (Local Curvature RGB) Next it will run the Curvature Calculation. 

Smart Material.

Adjusting Cavity Area Width and Overall Cavity Modulator can give you some nice effects like several layers of old paint on top of each other. 

Just a fast Simple example: Base---First layer ---Old Copper--- 2nd layer----Blue paint---3rd layer---Red paint. 

I adjusted each smart material differently using Adjusting Cavity Area Width and Overall Cavity Modulator.

I would say get one of your models and play around with the new feature addition.  This is what I learned so far in a several minutes of testing.

Thanks Andrew!


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It is really not one smart material but 3 separate Smart materials on separate layers.  Used default Smart Materials

Steps: Open the Smart Material editor

Open the real time preview window, placing it over the model. This is the most important because you get the real time view of the smart material and how it will be applied. I do not go by as seen on the Smart Material Editor's ball. I want real time feedback in this case.

Start Adjusting the Cavity Modulator and Cavity Area Width till you get the effect you want. 

I included a picture of the blue paint settings, well it was the blue metal but looks like blue paint.

It was the second layer in my stack. 

Blue paint.jpg

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To further increase the variation of your applied Smart Material.

All Smart Materials with Cube Mapping.

Material Stencil Control Panel----Settings 

Change the rotation of the cube map on the XYZ axis ( per axis) and the expansion per axis as well. Shown in Picture. You can preview in real time as the texture moves over the surface.

Last picture shown, to further increase variation, use a layer blend mode.  I used the Overlay blend mode on the top layer. You can adjust the strength of the blend mode by using the Opacity adjustment.

The new RGB cavity curvature calculation and Cavity Area Width plus Cavity Modulator is great. Lots to explore here. Have fun exploring!

map sharpness.jpg


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