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[Solved] Issues with 3D-Coat and 3Dconnexion devices

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Hi guys and gals,

I have issues with keeping 3dconnexion SpaceMouse settings for 3D-Coat.

I'm still using 3DC 4.9 but I also have 3DC 2023 installed (different directory/drive), as I'm trying to make transition. For now, V4.9 is still more stable/reliable for me and it is heavily used in my workflow, so I would like to keep both installations.

Anyways, thing is 3DC doesn't handle SpaceMouse settings correctly... it either work flawlessly in V4.9 and mess up 2023 settings or vice versa. I've been using SpaceMouse with 3DC for years and it worked great. Well, it still works great, but only with one instance of 3DCoat.

Inside 3Dconnexion app, there are two 3DC instances listed( 3D-Coat and 3DCoat), but unfortunately only one keep parameters that I set up - if I change settings for 2023 version, it goes to defaults inside V4.9 and if I change settings in V4.9, it goes to defaults in 2023 version.

Pretty weird and very annoying situation. Unfortunately, using V4 api in 2023 version doesn't work very well, not all parameters behave as the one set inside 3dconnexion app.

Any idead what is going on and maybe some fix?

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@Carlosan Thanks for quick response.

I've fixed this issue, don't know what helped, though... I've changed usb port( from usb hub to motherboard usb) and checked Lock horizon in 3Dconnexion settings( for 3DC 2023) and now everything seems to work just fine for both instances.

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  • Carlosan changed the title to [Solved] Issues with 3D-Coat and 3Dconnexion devices

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