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I need help in getting multiple objects from Blender into 3D Coat with their current UDIMS and Image maps?



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I have finally, after some struggles, figured out how to use the new AppLink for Blender and 3DCoat.  I now have a model, a dog (with separate body, eyes, tongue, upper gums with teeth and lower gums with teeth, and toenail objects) that has all been unwrapped in Blender version 4.2 into two UDIM sets, 1001 and 1002.  I have done extensive painting on the model in Blender's crude Texture Painting workspace and I don't want to lose the hundreds of hours I already have on the Image Maps.  I have them all backed up, just in case.

When I "Send" my model to 3D Coat 2023.40 it brings in the model , but it is blank.  None of the existing painting is thee.  On importing it I have it set "Keep UV" and "Import Tiles as UV Sets" is checked and all the resolutions are set to 406 as they are in Blender.  How do I get the model into 3D Coat and show the existing hand painted texture I already have on it?

Thanks so much for any assistance with this.  3D Coat is the best app for hand painting.  Substance Painter and other apps similar are more geared for PBR texturing.  It would save me umpteen hours to be able to finish painting this model in 3D Coat.

Screenshot 2024-01-21 183614.png

Screenshot 2024-01-21 184027.png

Screenshot 2024-01-21 184154.png

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added more screenshots to help clarify my question
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Hey michaelws. The blender applink will not export your textures. It will only export your mesh, udims. Send your model to the paintroom using the Applink (Per-Pixel Painting). When in 3dcoat open the "Texture Editor" under "Textures" main menu. In the editor you will see a drop down menu of your udims. In Blender you have to save out your texture images to a file. Blender will automatically give you the proper naming convention because it recognizes the images are UDIMS. In 3D coat load those images under "Textures" --> "Import" --> "Color/Albedo". 3D coat will ask you to load each udim with a dropdown. Simply select the right image file for the corresponding UDIM number. The will load and be placed on your model. I do not believe there is a way to load all the udims at once. You have to do them one at a time. It will become clear once your there.

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Thank you for the reply ebitz.  That worked great.  Got the texture maps loaded in.  Now I need to find a good tutorial on the paint window in 3D Coat.  How to control brush effects; hard edge, soft edge blending, stroke length and stroke tapering etc.  But the hardest part is behind me now.  Thanks again.

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