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  1. ebitz

    How to reunwrap certain island ?

    sorry, wrong post
  2. ebitz

    Blender Applink

    Thanks AbnRanger. I had a bunch of folders for 3DCoat for older versions, as well as a seperate applink folder. I deleted them all and restarted. 3DCoat created a 3D-CoatV48 folder only. From Blender I entered the new file path to exchange folder in 3D-CoatV48 folder. In Blender I exported a obj using the addon and for linux it created a 3DC2Blender folder. Anyway, things seem to be working. Thanks.
  3. Just wondering when can we expect a linux test build?
  4. ebitz

    Blender Applink

    Nothing happens from blender to 3d coat. No "export to" option in menu of 3d coat. Blender exports the model as .fbx into my "3DC2Blender" folder but no result in 3dcoat. Blender finds my exchange folder .../3D-Coat/V4/Exchange. Using 3DCoat 4.8.23 Blender 2.81a linux ubuntu 19.10
  5. When can we expect a linux test build?
  6. When can we expect a linux test build?
  7. When can we expect a linux test build?
  8. ebitz

    STRIK by Brom

    Thanks for the comments gbball. Much appreciated.
  9. ebitz

    Ebitz Gallery

    Finished works.
  10. ebitz

    STRIK by Brom

    This is a 3d rendering of Brom's concept artwork "Strik" for his card game "The Dark Ages". Modeled in 3D Coat and Blender. All Texturing was done in 3D Coat using smart materials. Some baking done in Blender and some in 3D Coat. Rendered using Cycles, and posed using Rigify addon (Nathan Vegdahl, Lucio Rossi, Ivan Cappiello) inside of Blender.
  11. A way to batch rename Vox tree and retopo objects. Also a way to "Search" and "Replace" feature to rename layers. This could help for instance when coming from Substance Painter. High and low poly objects for baking are differentiated with a suffix (_Low _High). When bringing those .fbx files into 3d coat, especially with alot of meshes one would have to delete all those suffixes for each object in order to take advantage of the same feature in 3D Coat (Corresponding Names). The search and replace could help with this significantly.
  12. ebitz

    Another Clever Retopo Plugin

    Johnathan Williamson and his team created a very similar plugin for Blender called Retopoflow 2.0. The functionality and look are very similar if not direct copies of each other.
  13. ebitz

    Mighty Wings

    Thanks for the comments AbnRanger and Falconius. Good to know it improved.
  14. ebitz

    Mighty Wings

    An updated version with some corrections and color grading.
  15. ebitz

    Mighty Wings

    Been a while since posting. Model was done and rendered in Blender as well as smoke FX. All texturing was done in 3D Coat.