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  1. Thanks for the Linux upload. Still crashing when baking. Your probably already aware of this.
  2. On linux. The HDRI window does not show all the hdri choices and cannot scroll in the window. V .....31
  3. @Andrew ShpaginHey Andrew. Small request. Could we get a "Invert Hidden" function in the "Visibility and Ghosting" menu. For large scale sculpt trees this would be far more efficient if we want to work with a few layers at a time and would greatly reduce the amount of work we would have to do in the Sculpt tree itself. Basically the idea is to stay in the view port without having to work in the sculpt tree. For example, In a large scene with 50 sculpt layers I only want to work with three objects in the scene, each one on a different layer. I would hide those 3 objects interactively using "Shift V" in the view port. Then I would use the new "Invert Hidden" function to only see those 3 objects in the view port that I just hid. As of now, there is "Isolate" or alt "eye icon " in sculpt tree, which only works with one layer at a time. Then the only option is to hunt through the sculpt tree to find the others you want to unhide. For small scenes as it is now might be ok, but when dealing with large scenes or complicated scenes, this is too cumbersome. This may have been overlooked, but is a standard in many 3D apps and necessary in my opinion. Thanks for you and your teams hard work. //edit solved on version .40
  4. Frame in viewport display header tip says "Frame scene or current object in viewport". However this function only works for selected objects. It does not frame the scene for all objects in scene unless you select all the objects in the sculpt tree. I believe that we should be able to frame the whole scene without having to select all of the sculpt tree and independent of which object is selected. A global "Frame All" no matter what sculpt tree object is active.
  5. In Linux. Symmetry fails when using stamp and stamp drag. It will only work on the opposite side and does not work on the cursor side. This appears to only fail in surface mode. Voxel mode works. Open new large sphere voxel scene from start menu. Enable x symmetry. Change to surface mode. Choose extrude tool and either stamp or stamp drag. Works on mirrored side but not cursor side. Build ....31.
  6. Developers. Don't forget there is still a crash in linux when trying to bake per pixel normal maps and more.
  7. On linux. Experiencing significant issues with visibility options in Geometry. Open Generic Buts Male Angular from voxel start menu. Hide the Ears through the Toggle Visibily option or eye icon in Sculpt Tree --> Invert Hidden (Geometry Menu). Shows eyes and nose is the result. The result should be to just have the ears visible. Next use Unhide All from geometry menu. Appears to do nothing. Ears should now be visible but are not. Ears only become visible when clicking the eye in Sculpt Tree. There are some instances where I can't get one of the layers back at all. Almost like it is just deleted from the scene. I have to select the layer then Invert Hidden again to bring back the visibility of that layer. This portion of 3D Coat has become recently unstable. It's like ther is a disconnect between the menu options and the Sculpt Tree. Can anyone else on linux confirm?
  8. Polish. On Linux. 1. The Frame option in the scene panel only frames selected layers and not the scene. The tooltip says that we can. If I want to frame the whole scene no matter which layer is selected I can't. It is only limited to selected layers and not the scene. 2. I'm not sure why the focus on brush option is in the scene view panel. If I have to move my cursor to that option in the panel it moves my brush location in the scene. It defeats the purpose. The only way to effectively use it is to set a Hotkey. In the tooltip it might be best to mention setting the hotkey to use effectively.
  9. Polish request. In the sculpt tree layers panel, layers will show a "+" or "-" regardless if there is a child or parent. I think it should only show a "+" or "-" only if the layer has children. This way there is a clear distinction which layers have children and which layers don't.
  10. @Andrew ShpaginHey Andrew, small request. Could we get a visual que to which environment map is being actively used in our viewport. Possibly a highlighted border around the image.
  11. The Wet Clay brush is fantastic. The whole brush engine has been greatly improved in almost every area. The FPS and speed of strokes is amazing. Think I said it before, but I'll say it again. Keep up the good work Andrew and all the developers.
  12. @SERGYI Is there anyway you can tell us how to generate some debug info for you in linux?
  13. @SERGYI Using GDB and "run > output" from inside the the 3DCoat2021.09 Folder I got this. I may have done this already. Again, I dont know if this helps. Thread 1 "3dcoat" received signal SIGABRT, Aborted. __GI_raise (sig=sig@entry=6) at ../sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/raise.c:49 49 ../sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/raise.c: No such file or directory.
  14. Thanks roentgen. Tried the error.log you mentioned. All I got was a listing of input devices and then a "Aborted (core dumped)" message. Nothing of detail.
  15. @SERGYI Attached is a Strace of crash when baking normal map per pixel. I do not know if it could help. Strace_3DCoat
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