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  1. The Wet Clay brush is fantastic. The whole brush engine has been greatly improved in almost every area. The FPS and speed of strokes is amazing. Think I said it before, but I'll say it again. Keep up the good work Andrew and all the developers.
  2. @SERGYI Is there anyway you can tell us how to generate some debug info for you in linux?
  3. @SERGYI Using GDB and "run > output" from inside the the 3DCoat2021.09 Folder I got this. I may have done this already. Again, I dont know if this helps. Thread 1 "3dcoat" received signal SIGABRT, Aborted. __GI_raise (sig=sig@entry=6) at ../sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/raise.c:49 49 ../sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/raise.c: No such file or directory.
  4. Thanks roentgen. Tried the error.log you mentioned. All I got was a listing of input devices and then a "Aborted (core dumped)" message. Nothing of detail.
  5. @SERGYI Attached is a Strace of crash when baking normal map per pixel. I do not know if it could help. Strace_3DCoat
  6. Can anyone tell me why this happens when using matcaps. On flat surfaces when the camera is moved to a sharp angle of view the mesh becomes significantly darker. Just to be clear I only see this on flat surfaces. In other apps, I have not found this issue. Not a major issue, but can become a little distracting when rotating around a model continuously. Might be a little knit picky.
  7. Question about internal 3dcoat renderer. It seems very fast with pretty good results. Is this an advanced renderer or is it a simplified one, as compared to other industry rendering solutions.
  8. Loving how fast large scenes a models load. Fast and fluid. Nice work.
  9. This bug still persists in the Modeling & Retopo Rooms, Linux. Build ....09
  10. Any word on when the baking of nomal maps per pixel crashing 3d coat will be fixed in linux POP OS? Anyone getting closer to a solution? Using latest build .09
  11. Ok. I got the 3d primitive working in the retopo room. Deleted the user config files in Documents and restarted 3D Coat. Some conflict resolved I guess. Nope Ignore that. The Preferences-->Beta TAB-->Treat Retopo groups as materials is the culprit. If I disable it the 3d primitives mesh is not generated in the viewport.
  12. @SERGYIBug? New scene-->Voxel-->Large Sphere-->Retopo Room-->3D Primitives-->Choose any primitve and apply-->Switch to a different tool-->Mesh disappears and is not created. Can anyone else confirm @linnos?
  13. @SERGYI @linnos After further investigation "Crash On Bake", If I leave these options on "Name Correspondence For Baking" and "Import Tiles As UV Sets", 3D Coat will create a paint mesh in the paint room without an immediate crash. A normal map is baked, however there is no height info. Essentially it acts like "Retopo to Paint Room with no bake" option. Problem may lie with the "Treat Materials As Separate Textures" or "Import Tiles As UV Sets".
  14. I have just been using the Proxy Caching and they are fantastic. The reduce is just fast, and the decimate keeps a lot of the detail even with 4x or 8x reduction (at cost of speed of course). Nice work.
  15. The "Hide Left Tool Panel" in preferences, does not hide that menu permanently. If I use "Tab" to hid all panels, and "Tab" again to bring them back, it also brings back the Left Tool Panel even though I have the "Hide left tool panel" check in preferences. My way of thinking is that if I make a change in the preferences dialog, that is going to be global permanent change rather than a temporary one. Especially when I can just make the temporary change in the viewport itself. These aren't show stoppers, just some polishing things IMO.