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  1. That doesn't trouble me too much because the different rooms are such different beasts that require their own approaches. I've been playing with Zbrush Zmodeler and I haven't really looked at the new polygonal modeling tools yet for 3D Coat. So in that room I'm just as much of a novice as you; I don't know what I'll find there, if it's going to be useful to me or not but I'm going to give a good effort to learn it just to see what's there. Who knows? Personally I struggled with texturing, trying many solutions and for UV mapping (back when I tried to do UV mapping in Maya it was so bad it turned me off totally) and then when I discovered UV mapping and texture painting in 3D Coat it was an amazing liberation for me. I prefer it to Mari; it's more visceral and sensuous to handle less abstract and detached. And it's less of a click fest than Zbrush so it's more direct and simple to use though for someone learning it that may seem hard to believe. Stick with it, and keep working with it. When you master it you'll find a lot of enjoyment in it. Is it perfect? Do I wish it was better, easier? yeah I do but maybe that's my own failings. It's a miracle to me that I even have this supercomputer on my desk and I can sculpt and paint with it at all...
  2. The problem with Zbrush is that it started out in an odd manner. Instead of directly trying to be a simple 3D digital sculpting program it started out as this weird hybrid; a 3D/2.5D program that at the time boasted of being the next evolution into a kind of 2.5D Photoshop. This was based around the idea of PIXOLS. The idea was that you sculpted stuff in 3D then went into 2.5D mode and composited your now fixed objects into a 2D plane that still allowed for changes in lighting and illumination. This had the potential at the time of being very powerful as you could assemble scenes that were huge with great complexity even though the angle of view was now fixed. I may be wrong but my impression was that the development team was deeply influenced by their resident artist, Meats Meier. What ended up transpiring was that everyone piled in for the 3D sculpting tools and ignored the 2.5D stuff. It simply never caught on and over the years, well now decades the 3D sculpting tools rapidly grew in power but the 2.5D Pixol stuff just faded into the background. The problem was that the 2.5D pixol stuff made the interface needlessly complex and annoying for those that didn't understand all the extra stuff you had to do because of it. I knew all about this and even I would get enraged at say inadvertantly turning my sculpt into a 2.5D Pixol object that was fixed in space and not being able to immediately Ctrl Z my way back out of it. Of course you could just CTRL N to ditch the Pixol transformed sculpt then drop a fresh version of your sculpt sitting in the stack, BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHY? It also meant that there were 3 distinct ways to save your work in Zbrush; ZTL, ZDOC and ZPR (Z tool, Z Document, and Z Project) Here, learn all about it. Try not to puke on your keyboard. That's hard to clean up. The whole 2.5D thing seemed to encourage the pictorial horror vacui of Meat's Meier's style, or psychological mindset. So the end result was a needlessly complex interface with a lot of extra clicking and a requisite awareness of whys and wherefores of it all. Like Utopius said you can get used to it, and I have, but still it's vexatious when you're learning the interface and trying to learn say human and animal anatomy at the same time. It's one of the main reasons I prefer 3D Coat to Zbrush; 3D Coat is simply easier to learn to operate and more straightforward in getting you to where you want to go, if sculpting is where you want to go and not some elaborate and esoteric compositing with billions of Pixols (and even with 2003 computers Zbrush could deliver billions of Pixols, I'll give it that). Having said that there's some things in Zbrush I wish Andrew would incorporate soon into 3D coat, like a proper sculpt room lighting system instead of unwieldly and ineffective lighting system he has now. A powerful lighting studio in the Sculpt Room is simply indispensable to serious sculpting. In fact it would be nice if it were more akin to Maya's lighting system than even Zbrush's system which really is a bit annoying by comparison to Maya with that tiny little ball and those tiny little lightbulb icons with all the obscure little sliders. Everything in Zbrush's interface is so fidgety and tiny...eecch.
  3. This isn't computer programming any more. this is some black art...
  4. "Who needs displacement when you've got...polys..?"
  5. I have always had the highest opinion of Andrew both as a creative artist and programmer and as a man. This program is in Beta. There's going to be glitches. That's why I have 4.9.72 and Beta49 installed. The only thing I'm waiting for is the day he asks me to pay for the final upgrade on 3dCoat 2021 which I will do with pleasure for this superb tool.
  6. Interesting. So how do I import them say from MOI3D? Sort of off topic but I just found this interesting article on IGES https://transmagic.com/six-reasons-to-avoid-iges-files/
  7. The great thing about Mesh Fusion (AKA Groboto) is that it makes bevels and chamfers on complex objects available when used with polygons for the first time. Previously only NURBS and BREP had that power. Of course it's not quite as mathematically precise as NURBS or BREP but for people working in polygonal or subD modelling it doesn't have to be. Mesh Fusion is one of the most desireable technologies for any polygonal toolset. I haven't even mentioned its superb boolean functionality.
  8. https://www.asus.com/Motherboards-Components/Motherboards/All-series/Pro-WS-WRX80E-SAGE-SE-WIFI/ https://www.newegg.com/asus-pro-ws-wrx80e-sage-se-wifi/p/N82E16813119391 He's running nested virtualizations with a GPU assigned to each virtual machine...
  9. I would love a lighting system like in Maya or at least Zbrush. It's actually essential for serious sculpting.
  10. Primitives panel in Sculpt Room. I can create that hotkey ALT + A and it works but if I move to the Paint room or any other setting and come back to the Sculpt Room the assigned hot key is gone.
  11. Also, I've tried this both in 4.9.72 and also in 2021 B47 there's the option of creating hotkeys for the various primitives (sphere, cube, ovoid etc). I can assign them but they don't stick. If I go to another room then return they've lost their hotkey settings.
  12. Is there any way to bind a hotkey to Curves -> Delete all curves? It's the command I use the most on that menu. Set coordinates and Delete all curves are the only commands on the Curves menu that don't seem to have that option.
  13. So far that TAB command has worked. We'll see. So if I just add that override listening if my spoken command begins with "computer" then I don't have to add "computer to every spoken command individually then?
  14. Right now my favorite command is "interface". All the panels just disappear allowing me a totally empty viewing area. It's much nicer just to call up the various tools and other panels individually by name at need. And calling "interface" can toggle them all back in their pristine default form. This is going to go a long way in overcoming my distaste for the wading through the clutter of all the tools that really deserve to be learned and mastered. And it so much easier to have one meaningful word to remember over a bunch of abstruse key combinations to learn, you know, like in Blender and Zbrush. Click fests are the enemy of making art.
  15. Thanks a lot for the advice on this software. I just bought it tonight and it's going to make working in 3D Coat with the Wacom Cintique a lot easier, a lot more fluid and intuitive work flow. It really works well; voice recognition has gone a long way
  16. I just want documentation on the order of Rhino's if not Houdini's. https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/ http://docs.mcneel.com/rhino/5/help/en-us/index.htm The current help for 3D coat just doesn't cut it.
  17. Thanks, the price is right on VoiceAttack. Can you batch actions on VA? https://voiceattack.com/Default.aspx
  18. Everything according to instructions works until I actually fire it up and it starts talking to me and then it announces it's malfunctioning. Tried restarting 3D Coat several times.
  19. Working with a Wacom Cintique presents its own challenges and having voice commands would solve about 90% of them.
  20. Concept Art I created while taking Jama Jurabaev's course on Learn Squared. Added an animated version of the first shot. The buildings were made using 3D coat which were then brought into Cinema 4D where I did the city layout. It was rendered in Octane, comped in Photoshop then brought back into C4D and projected back across the city geometry before adding the camera move. The final comp and fx were done in After Effects.
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