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  1. Michael Rosa

    Royal Hand

    That's part of the adventure. Surviving the recoil. ;-)
  2. Michael Rosa

    Royal Hand

    Thought I'd share one of my designs. All work done in 3D Coat. I've always enjoyed heavy handed handguns. The idea of having the choice of having 4 single shots, or one blast of all 4 rounds, just sounds cool to me.
  3. Michael Rosa

    UV Tile Paint Issue

    Any word if they're at least working on it?
  4. Michael Rosa

    UV Tile Paint Issue

    Video has all the details. Thanks.
  5. Michael Rosa

    Snow Terrain

  6. Michael Rosa

    Snow Terrain

    Sup people. I used Coat to sculpt additional detail into the terrain. This is showcased in CryEngine 5.3
  7. Michael Rosa

    Stone Pillar

    Are you talking about the first column of bricks? I actually wanted to make that look a little different intentionally, but I think it's not working. They're just smaller than everything else. I would need to make them larger. I think providing a displacement just for that column would add an unnecessary draw call to an engine. I think the efficient thing to do is remodel that area so the size is proportionate to the rest of the bricks, and let the lowpoly mesh and normal map take care of the rest.
  8. Michael Rosa

    Stone Pillar

    You're welcome. And thanks!
  9. Michael Rosa

    Stone Pillar

    Thanks I didn't think of posting a wire frame cuz it's a high-poly model. I have it in mind to always provide wire-frames of retopologized/low-poly meshes as they can provide learning material for both me and the viewer. Examples like, optimization, edge layout to help setup unwrapping and hiding UV seams, a better understanding of how to retopo. Things like that. At this models current state, the polycount is so dense that you're not really looking at or learning anything. That's my opinion, always up for insight in case I'm missing something. I'll use one of my monolithic rocks as an example that I think benefits your curiosity. This asset I learned a lot from. It was intended to be a stylized rock that will be close to the camera. Before I started the retopo stage, I had it in mind to setup my edges in areas that can hide UV seams. Also understanding that the asset would be placed in an area where the camera can get up close to it, I decided to give it a healthy amount of geometry. As I understand now, scenes in games can have a ton of polys in it without much issue. So I used this project as an opportunity to learn about balance. I learned that my UV islands can be reduced, and the model itself would have still been fine with less geometry. One of my primary sources of education during this process was feedback. Feedback is essential in this industry.
  10. Michael Rosa

    Stone Pillar

    The focus on this project was to increase production speed and texture work. Understanding the tools more and putting my mindset within a production environment where time is crucial. Have to agree, building a library of your own kit-bashing assets is essential to this workflow. Voxel merging is top notch, and the PBR workflow is priceless. All feedback is welcomed.
  11. Michael Rosa

    Stone Entrance

    Thanks guys!
  12. Michael Rosa

    Seamless Stone Tile Sculpt

    No, you're on the right track. Worship me for the seamslessness. This is how I will rule the world. One texture at a time. ;-)
  13. Michael Rosa

    Seamless Stone Tile Sculpt

  14. Michael Rosa

    Bust sculpt

    Looks solid to me. The body has a natural weight to it and the gravity feels realistic. Job well done.
  15. Michael Rosa

    The Ritual

    For me, when I see creatures in art, I always think this is an opportunity to be creepy and express the strange anatomy. With this project, the humanoid character looks just fine. But I would have used the insect-like creatures to evoke emotions that cause the viewer to be distant. Use those lanky appendages and posture the creatures with curves, as they worship with an insect like behavior. Make them threatening. You could have given the creature he's standing on the presence of a hand coming at the viewer by cleverly manipulating its legs as if was reaching out with a frightful hand. The two behind him could have been contorted with 2 separate height levels, but both being beneath the "leader". Somehow cleverly curved in a way that offers protection to the leader, but not surrounding him. Also using their legs to increase the "creepy" feel. They should not be so balanced for creatures with so many legs. Their balance comes with an awkward placement of many moving parts. Challenge yourself more. Use reference, like the images I provided. Only thing missing from the images is I would have exaggerated the legs a bit more. Great details with your sculpt. It's easy to see that you have a handle on the software and can achieve micro detail. Keep it up.