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  1. Thanks! My version didn't start initially. I have a very old computer: cpu I7, ram 6G, win7. (I know, it is very slow with high resolution). I solved issue by downloading the file above. ************************************* Congratulations and best wishes for this new version. I like the new interface colors and also graphic and icons. Thanks for allowing to use the beta version. I just want to make a criticism, focused on only one aspect of the software. I would have expected more hardsurface modeling tools to be implemented... but maybe I haven't seen them yet. Although an artist like Anton Tenitsky has shown how it is possible to do incredible works with just a few tools, I believe that much more could be done for what is the main feature of 3DCoat: voxels specifically used for hardsurface modeling. Because that's where voxels really give their best, IMHO, not organic. No other program that I know can work voxels like 3DCoat. IMHO voxel hard surface sketching is still the true potential and main strength of 3DC. But you look what Tenitsky does, his models look like made in CAD. Making a cad model, without the theoretical complications of a cad software. So why not primarily develop this stuff that nobody has, but 3dCoat has? My dream (the same as many beginners), many years ago now, was to be able to bypass polygons ... to be able to overlapping all commands and polygonal tools on/over the voxels. Without worrying if one vertex is really welded to the other, if there are triangles in the mesh, or reversed normal etc.
  2. Sorry if I bring up this old topic. I wanted to ask if this feature is planned in the near future in 3DCoat. This key combination for hiding/masking (I believe only has Zbrush) ctrl / shift / alt + mouse or pen ... is extremely comfortable and fluid in modeling once learned, is useful for quickly creating shapes to extrude and could also be useful in vox-hide combination. Please do not underestimate this simple key combination... it is not about copying Zbrush, but about taking the shortest and smartest way to make an operation convenient and quick for the modeler. Thank you.
  3. rubeos

    Zbrush masking system

    Ok, I added my feature request at your Mantis database. http://3d-coat.com/mantis/view.php?id=1817
  4. rubeos

    Zbrush masking system

    Ok I'll try to put the request at Mantis, I need to register again to get it? The 'summary' might be 'porting zbrush masking/hiding system in to 3Dcoat'
  5. rubeos

    Zbrush masking system

    This is good, many options when the model is masked, it would be very useful to have it in sculpt room. But it is not the same thing, I think, that I asked. I'd like a very fast system masking/hiding with hotkeys/pen, like in zbrush
  6. rubeos

    Zbrush masking system

    Yes I'm working in surface mode, but.... I don't understand. What should happen in the paint room? I need all sculpture tools ( and I think can I use them only in the sculpt room ) and switch from scultp to masking as I described above.
  7. rubeos

    Zbrush masking system

    I think it would be almost indispensable to have a masking / hiding similar to zbrush. With a few movements on the keyboard you can quickly switch from masking to modeling. For example, if you have to model an hand you have a complex shape, with many parts hard to reach. You need a very quick system to move from the masking to modeling. Because the navigation system 3Dcoat is different Zbrush, I thought I would move the zbrush masking / hidden buttons command: Ctrl, Alt, Shift, to Z, C, A. I do not know if this is technically possibile (with possibilty to click/drag on background) Or maybe someone has an alternative idea, another shortcuts combination. In any case it would be very important 3Dcoat has a masking system faster, with less clicks. Below in the list are the shortcuts masking / hidden like zbrush, transposed to keys Z, C, A. Masking Select Masking stroke: hold down X (if necessary) Paint mask on object: hold Z Delete or paint reverse mask: Z+C (hold down) Reverse mask: Z+Click Background Clear Mask: Z+Click+ drag Background Blur mask: Z+Click on mesh Blur mask (parallel command for some stroke mode): hold down A and click on interested mesh for blur Sharpen mask - Z+C+Click on mesh Delete masking: Ctrl+X Move selection area - press Spacebar without releasing mouse/pen -------------------------------------- Partial Mesh Visibility Select visibility stroke: hold down X (if necessary) Paint hide on object: hold down Z+A Invert hidden: Z+A+Click and drag Background Unhide All: Z+A+Click on Background Delete Hidden: Ctrl+X Move selection area - press Spacebar without releasing mouse/pen
  8. HI, last beta version, cuda 64, GL and GX. Now I installed the version 4.5.BETA13 and many problems described above are gone, for now (although not entirely solved). I do not know if Andrew has read this post and correct them, anyway Thank you.
  9. Hi, last beta version, cuda 64, GL and GX. In version 4.1 basically seems to me that I had none of these problems. ------------------------------------------------------ Sorry, I also noticed another issue related to the brushes, I tried to solve it by using various realated parameters but did not succeed. The stroke mode 'radius & depth' pressure dont'work well, the stroke of the brush is inconstant when I decrease the pressure of the pen, and is difficult to control, and produces that effect you see in screenshot.
  10. rubeos

    Text editor for hotkeys

    A simple text file where you can clearly see all the hotkeys assigned, and possibility change them from there (like ''setup navigation'') Simple to used even for beginners.
  11. Maybe I understand the problem breaking through the net, for now : I deleted all the custom brushes and the model no longer has presented those problems yet. But there are other problems for me: -problems with symmetry: when I switch between from brush and another the simmetry plane inexplicably moves from the center of the object to right, although if I have first clicked 'store simmetry' and 'upload presets' in all brushes presets menu while the symmetry is to on. And other little messy things about the symmetry ...too hard to describe.
  12. I found several serious problems, especially concerning the brushes, perhaps related to the others that I had already reported here: http://3d-coat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=17388 1-I customized some brushes in presets menu, but these do not have the icon, there are not colored orange when are actived and sometimes not turn on. 2- often, when I click ON my custom brushes (but sometimes even other brushes) it seems to me, the mesh immediately presents flaws (like in the three screenshots below) .... even I don't touch the model with the brush, just that I actived brushs from preset menu or from the sidebar. 3- brushes sometimes go in spurts or slowed down on the surface of the model. 4- Finally, It 's normal that my liveclay brush, at the opening, by default, is like in screenshot, after the first re-installation? with ''Invert tool'' ON, and that kind of alpha as you can see to the right of picture (usually is not an alpha used for the clay)
  13. rubeos

    Decimate and Clean into a single button

    It works perfectly! thanks
  14. rubeos

    Decimate and Clean into a single button

    My idea is to make this command similar to Sculptris. Sculptris not have a way to set the number of polygons to reduced every time. It would just be a way to translate the command in a single click, because I don't need any time to set a different decimation resolution.