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  2. waiting eagerly to see it in colour
  3. thanks this has been a bit confusing for me too. i used to modify the sculp to get the symetry back
  4. Hm looks like i need to wait from buying a new nvidia card if this is going to be done. eager to know whats going to happen
  5. i should say make the tab order customisable. so someone who need can change. i belive its not customisable now
  6. i tried to post on the lightwave forum about this. they said its something related to the colur space in lightwave. actally it didint work for me well. may be you should give it a try follow this thred http://forums.newtek.com/showthread.php?t=129471 anyhow i have 100 percent definit way out. USE Lightwave 10.1 for now. everything works properly in it
  7. +1 couldint find it ... i am also using 3.7.15
  8. looks like its a LW 11 issue, my old files working properly in LW 10.1. will try posting on newtek forum
  9. thanks for the reply Yes i am using the 3d max LW option. Do u know what this normalisation thing is.? means the above option. and what this normalise by B and T
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