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  1. Daniel

    How i can achieve this level of detail ?

    Try Powerful Smoothing. It is activated by default if you press CTRL+SHIFT (it's actions drop-down list on the top of the screen). Must help
  2. Daniel

    How i can achieve this level of detail ?

    Sure, why not! General idea is to keep resolution as low as possible, and increase it locally (performed automatically with LC). All the rest depend on your hardware
  3. Daniel

    How i can achieve this level of detail ?

    I would say: 1. Start with Voxels -> base shape -> rough details 2. Live clay -> fine tunning
  4. Daniel

    silhouette material or how to make one?

    I couldn't (at least yesterday) I would like to see your work made that way - very curious!
  5. Daniel

    silhouette material or how to make one?

    Hi! See attach
  6. Daniel

    [Solved] Invert Cut Off Tool

    Try Extrude tool for creating pieces with circles, rectangles, etc
  7. Daniel

    стим версия

    Здравствуйте, скоро получите ответ. Спасибо!
  8. - да, вот примерный пример Всё делается с помощью инструмента Curves
  9. Daniel

    Retopo to UV Room and/or Paint Room

    you miss one of these steps under Retopo menu (arrows point to the most used)
  10. Hey, welcome aboard! Hope you'll like the community! With your spec I wouldn't worry about anything (though everything has its limits) Anyway you have enough time to make something "heavy" in order to see how it goes
  11. Да вроде как есть уже давно, если я правильно понял о чем речь! Еще неизвестно у кого она первая появилась
  12. Здравствуйте, чтобы диаметр был 61, надо радиус поставить 30,5 а вот будут это метры или миллиметры надо выставить во вкладке Voxels->Define measurement units (верхние менюшки) также есть инструмент Measure в воксельной комнате, можно им
  13. Daniel

    A few questions about... (see tags)

    Yep DX problem! Reported to Andrew about GTX 460... i can't tell much as I don't have other graphic card to compare (I had 9800GT, but I don't remeber its performance already). It works OK for me. Sorry, can't help
  14. Daniel

    A few questions about... (see tags)

    Considering the wireframe problem in Render room... I don't have one neither in Persp nor Ortho mode (see attach) I'm on Win7 Pro 64-bit using v4 BETA6B 64bit CUDA GL. My graphic card is GTX 460 SE (driver version 301.42) BF culling is used to see double-sided "flat" polygons or not-closed meshes
  15. Daniel

    Introduce yourself!

    Welcome aboard, Sven! Glad to have you with us
  16. "Мерджнуть" - это как раз то что вы сделали! От англ. merge
  17. Daniel

    Importing one map to multiple materials

    I suppose not for now
  18. Daniel

    3D-Coat + Blender game asset creation

    - This 2 prog can be the complete graphic pipeline for my needs or you have other hints? - Absolutely!
  19. Daniel


    Thanks digman, that would be very helpful as it's a kind of a FAQ
  20. Is export settings for normal map set to Maya/Blender? (I guess, yes)
  21. Try to select everything and change to Flat and then back to Smooth
  22. Did you check normals direction in Blender?
  23. 3D-Coat uses smooth shading until you tell it to use auto-smoothing groups with defined angle of edge splitting. So if you don't use Auto-smoothing groups in 3D-Coat, then all you need to do is to change shading in Blender from Flat to Smooth (without any manual edge splitting). Anyway some screenshots will help a lot (as always!)
  24. В Ретопо комнате надо нажать Unwrap. После этого надо модельку мерджнуть в один из режимов текстурирования (per-pixel, microvertex, Ptex) или просто экспортировать меш из ретопо комнаты
  25. In your case, when you load your solid model, the top part of it (the one that you need) covers only the fourth part of the UV texture! That's why you experience better performance with solid one!