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Found 6 results

  1. I’ve been asking everyone about this mystery and nobody has been able to explain how this works. I asked multiple people to try the same operation and all they got were 31 points on the bottom of the mesh placed in the same exact way no matter where on the mesh they clicked. As far as I know, the tutorial guy was the only one to have successfully done the operation and not even he has any idea what is going on. We checked everything that could go wrong and NOTHING worked! Please help. FullSizeRender.mov
  2. Hello! I just bought it today, hoping that it works because in trial version it doesn't work. Basically what I was trying to say I'm trying to have multiples quads when dragging which is quicker than clicking at each quad. But it doesn't work for no reason. I created points for each quads and then drag the first quad across the screen by holding right click. But it's didn't work, it just gave me only one quad than giving me multiple quads. Does anyone have same problem? Any suggestions? Thank you guys
  3. Hi there ! I'm a long time Blender/Gimp/Krita user but I'm quited tired of blender's texture painting... No layers and all.. It's been troubling me for a while. So I made my first steps to 3D Coat a few days ago and I love the app so far. Two things are bugging me though : 1 - I googled a lot and tried a lot of options ("paint through") and all but I can't seem to get the behavior I'd like with the brush concerning clipping faces. I'd like the brush to paint everything under it, and not just snapping on a particular polygon. Is it possible ? 2 - I googled that already and it seems there isn't but I'm still asking... who knows Is there a smudge/smear brush in texture painting ? Thanks a lot for your help ! Regards, Ghislain.
  4. Hi all, I am using 3dCoat to paint low poly models but a lot of the time I need to limit my painting to specific faces. I know that I can create masks etc manually but is there a some kind of tool that would allow me to paint on speficic faces quickly. I've tried the hide (make some faces invisible) tool but it only seems to hide faces about 10% of the time. I'm guessing this is broken right? (version 4.0.03)
  5. I reported this in mantis (I think). Is anyone else having the same experience with 4b12A? Original input: " 0000860: Trying to use any tool that extrudes, like the Gum tool will force all the extrusions toward the camera, regardless of angle Description I have a sculpt I'm working on and I want to gum an extrusion all the way around a leg joint. The problem is, even if I change the direction of the extrusion (Average/Normal/Vertex, etc.) I still get this problem, where the extrusion happens in one direction, but the back faces are pulled inward, instead of extruded outward. I want to gum it, but I can't seem to get this to work...thoughts? Steps To Reproduce I found a bug. If I gum with Vertex normal, or even extrude, it creates the same problem as before, but if I go to expand with those settings, it works. Then if I go back to using extrude or gum with those settings, it works. I'll put that in the bug thread." New edit: "I learned from the forums that to get this to work I had to check/uncheck 'Ignore back faces.' This worked until I started using version 4.00 Beta 12A. Now, I get the problem of this option check box not having any affect on my model. I can use it checked or unchecked and the change only happens in one place. For example, I can try to inner extrude a window on two opposite sides of a building...using Voxel Mode, Build Brush and a window shape. I want the windows to line up perfectly and to extrude into the building on both sides at the same time. Normally, with Vertex Normal Extrude Direction on, I can simply hold Ctrl+Enter with my shape or mask lined up on one side of the building and it will work on both the front and back sides equally. Now, with the 4b12A, I only see it work on the side I'm facing, regardless of whether or not I check 'Ignore back faces.'"
  6. Hello all Im new to 3D Coat but have been using 3DS Max for several years, so i have a good understanding of 3D. I can not see the edges faces in retopology on any model i have made so far, "see attached image" Im thinking it something as simple as a setting i have missed or pressed/clicked by mistake, Can anyone help me fix this problem so i can get back to studying the program. Thank you for your time
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