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Found 10 results

  1. OD_Copy paste allows you to copy and paste geometry between applications. Please somebody do 3dcoat version https://heimlich1024.github.io/OD_CopyPasteExternal/ The following applications are supported: Modo : Vertices / Polygons (incl. Subpatch and SubD)/ WeightMaps / UVMaps / MorphMaps Lightwave : Vertices / Polygons (incl. Subpatch and SubD)/ WeightMaps / UVMaps / MorphMaps Blender : Vertices / Polygons (incl. Subpatch and SubD)/ WeightMaps / UVMaps / MorphMaps Maya : Vertices / Polygons / Weights (via Vertex Normals) (Implementation by Andre Hotz) Houdini : Vertices / Polygons / Weightmaps, UVMaps (Paste Implementation by Chris Wells) Others : Looking for contributors to write implementations for other 3d Apps (see TODO)
  2. I am fairly new to using both 3DC and Modo and frankly I am lost. I have textured my item in 3DCoat and no matter what I do, various methods of exporting, etc I still keep getting a model that looks like this now in Modo when trying to render it out. I am not sure if this is a Modo problem or an exporting in 3DC problem but it has taken up two days of work trying to figure out and I am going crazy... If anyone has some insight on this workflow and where I am going wrong I would appreciate the help more than you can imagine!Thanks for looking.
  3. Hi, Guys. I'm experiencing some problems here on my workflow. I have a model separeted in various objects. Each one have its proper UVs and everything is on place, no UDIM (despite using UDIM would be good. But when I do import with Importing Titles as UV Sets all my UVs are stacked on each other). When I import OBJ file to PPP workflow, 3D Coat shows this screen. T The problem is: I have 12 objects with UVs but it only shows 6 UV sets on the importing options. When I click OK, suddenly 3D Coat shows 6 UV sets and 6 surface materials (of 12 objects) and the result is some UVs stacked on each other, also my UV names are not the same as I created, as you can see on the image: When I try to import a FBX file instead of a OBJ file, it shows ALL of my UVs on the importing screen and PRESERVING the UVS names, which is really good. However, the problem with FBX importing is this. While all my UVs are absolutely perfect, the model itself isn't as you can see on the image. If I try to subdivide de model on importing screen, the result is: Some additional info: Tested with 3D Coat 4.5.19 (trough Steam) and 4.5.29. UVs are created on MODO 902. Thanks in advance.
  4. This is the first object I've finished in 3D-Coat - it's a wooden carved ornamental onlay with worn gold leaf. I did this project to learn the 3D-Coat to Modo workflow. I used 3D-Coat for the sculpting, autopo, UV, and painting, and exported to Modo 902 for rendering. I've also included a render from 3D-Coat for comparison (the second image). Big thanks to Javis Jones for his PBR shading rig for Modo.
  5. From the album: FanArt

    First render for an upcoming project. Hope to show more very soon. Hope you like!
  6. Hey everyone! Here's a rig I made during beta to use with PBR texture maps. I meant to get it out right after launch, but I've been a little preoccupied. It supports diffuse color/albedo, gloss/roughness and metalness. For good measure there is also a spot for normal maps already set, but if you don't need/want it, simply delete it from the shader tree. For usage, just double click the preset, it'll add a material group to the shader tree called "3DCPBR GrpMat". Inside this group you'll find a number of layers/nodes. You want to use only the Diffuse, Metalness and Glossiness IMG nodes, and the Match 3DC/Unreal Fresnel. To apply one of your textures,select the appropriate layer/node, go to the Textures Layers tab, and browse to your image. Once selected, make sure you also choose the right UV map that you want to apply it to from the Texture Locator tab. Notes: -The Match 3DC/Unreal Fresnel is provided for convenience, and is on by default. To turn it off, toggle the eye icon. -The default for Roughness/Gloss is Roughness. If you want to use Glossiness a map, select the Gloss/Rough IMG Node, Texture Layer and turn ON Invert. -I recommend not poking around and editing the nodes in the graph, it could break. -Don't delete the group locator named "3DCPBR-TLocs" or "3DCPBR GrpMat" from the scene, unless you don't want it on your scene any longer. -If you want to assign the created material group to a specific mesh/section/etc., that you've already created, drag and drop the 3DCPBR GrpMat under that material. -You can also assign the 3DCPBR GrpMat to something else, using selecting sets, material tags, etc. directly. It's a good idea to rename the group if you've done this and plan to use multiple copies of this material preset. -To note one more time, lighting is important! If you want to match the lighting and appearance from another application exactly, use the same HDR/EXR and settings for it, that you are in that application. Otherwise it wont appear exactly the same. -You can use textures from applications other than 3D-Coat of course, they just need to be diffuse/albedo, glossiness/roughness & metalness Fixed: -An unwanted "Texture Group" group locator is created in the item list, delete this. This is a known issue and there is no known way around it at the moment. -Material rendering black -Naming conventions -Changed default for Gloss/Rough to Roughness to match 3D-Coats new default That's all there is to it. It should now render as closely as possible to 3DC/Unreal (though do note that it wont be exactly the same for a number of reasons. Namely lighting.). The revolver mesh and textures used in the image is provided by "d1ver" over at the PolyCount forums, here: http://www.polycount.com/forum/showthread.php?t=130641 Also huge thanks to Gideon Klindt, David Maas, Funk and Captain Obvious for helping with the rig and driving me it to make better. Here's a download link on Google Drive. I'll be updating it occasionally, and if I do, I'll post a notice in this thread with the update info. Thanks! https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByesnXO2ExYDbEl1c25nZkxTZEE/view?usp=sharing
  7. From the album: FanArt

    Second illustration for Civil War Kids series. Team Iron Man Hope you like it!
  8. http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?352666-Input-Custom-Blender-Setup-Silo-Maya-esque Seen information about this posted on the Foundry forums where it got some good reviews. http://community.thefoundry.co.uk/discussion/topic.aspx?f=4&t=60807&page=58
  9. uuderzo

    Frozen - Anna

    From the album: Personal projects

    Sculpted with 3DCoat, retopoed in 3DCoat/modo, texture paint in 3DCoat. Posing, hairs and render in modo. Background is a shot i took while trekking. Compo and final tweaks in PhotoShop. Hope you will like it! Umberto
  10. Anyway I bought Modo and was constructing a base model to sculpt on in it. Mostly I just wanted to see how it works and how a subdivision surface model would compare to a voxel model. So I went to UV my model in Modo. You have to do this if you are going to use an open exr file for sculpting. Also it will subdivide your UV's for you if you have them laid out ahead of time for subdivision modeling. I must say the first couple of tries I made to UV my model in Modo left me sadly disappointed. Maybe it is just the fact that 3d Coat does UV's quicker and more efficiently than any other program I have ever used. I kept working at it till I got a decent set of UV's in Modo. I was just curious if anyone else uses Modo and how they go about doing their UVs. I really wish you could just add seams like in 3d Coat and hit unwrap. Would be so much easier.
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