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My First attempt at a "sculpt" in 3dcoat ;).. be nice!

Sculpting is SO not my thing.. but i did find after a half hour, engraving and driving a tablet pen are actually distant cousins, I "could" develop the skill i suppose, but I don't have clients for this outlandish type of stuff..


90% of the base is all tslines models from the Matrix library, slapped together with SPLOP over a drape.

projected a curve, some gems and beads then off to 3dcoat..

no special settings, just import, pick up pen and GO..

all up i estimate 40 to 45 minutes work.. but dont quote me, I was trying to record and kept crashing rhino so would need to restart recording.. eventually gave up.. If i do another i will setup as tripod.. 3dcoat EATS ram..

The BIGGEST advantage to doing this in 3dCoat imo so far has been that you dont constantly need to remesh the damn thing.. voxels truly are a completely different beast, chalk and cheese to emulated voxels that other sculpting apps I have tried offer.. but you pay for it in CPU cycles..

I was going for "Crown and Brains" but my brains look a tad very Acanthus scroll.. wonder which recent skill I learned that I stole that from..

anyway.. the model will go onto GrabCad later ;)







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Really cool ring! :D

But please tell how you got the words DIE FREE to follow the contour of the ring, also, how are the flames following the contour of the head?

Were you using the Text tool, Curves tool? Did you load the flame shape into the Models panel?

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those parts were all made in Rhinoceros and [Merged]

I have also been playing with heightmaps just recently to add details

and some background on the process of rhino to 3dcoat and back the skull in this video, which unfortunately didn't feature sound, my camtasia has been playing silly buggers :(


those art bitmaps images






more on that on my facebook page


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Nice rings! I bet some people would like to order some of them.

I didn't get what was the object made for in your last video. Can't understand all,

my english is rusty.

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oh wow those skull rings look amazing i must say. Very nice!

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