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[Solved] how to create rope/string spline ?

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Anyone know how i could get good movable/workable rope in 3dcoat.

i was thinking splines, but don't know how i would make the model in the first place

anyone know how to do rope in 3DC?

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Take a look at this.


In this part Taros explains how to create a rope.

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I've made a rope a couple of times ,but as I forget how I did it 5 minutes after it is done ,it would be hard for me to explain how to do it without the trauma of having another go!!


It was something like... make three cylinders, or maybe I made 1 cylinder and arrayed it 3 times ,then twisted round 360 degrees so that the top matches the bottom, then drag this into the spline tab so you can use curves/splines.


Anyway here is the resultant obj Dropboxed, probably too large a model to make into a spline, so it would need the mesh reducing.





I just had a quick scan of that video, mine looks exactly like that ! I must have watched it before! My memory loss is worrying.....

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If you go to your spline pop up window you will notice an arrow in the far upper right corner.  Click on the arrow and you will see a list of folders.  Click on the folder named Chains and you will find 3 splines.  The last spline is called wire and may suit your needs.


Many of the pop up windows have arrows in their corners (The Brush, Model, Stencil and  Material windows for example).  These arrows indicate that there are additional folders with more content.  You can even create your own folders to contain your own content.  I suggest clicking on those arrows and see what you can find. 

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