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Lock 3D Mouse Spin & Tilt in Ortho views

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Pretty simple, just requesting an option to make it so that my 3Dconnexion space navigator won't tilt or spin the view when I toggle the viewport's Orthographic mode.

Maybe add one more checkbox to make it also disable 3D mouse roll in orthographic mode. (in effect, this will disable ALL 3D mouse rotation when orthographic view mode is enabled.)

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Stumble on your thread after searching for the exact same feature since in 3ds max and blender in orthogonal view the space navigator is lock in y and x axis just like in photoshop and this is essential for precision work since the we go in orthogonal view for this.

Even in Blender it work like this and the feature would not be difficult to implement.

For now i cannot work fluently with my 3d mouse since i have to revert to clunky traditional navigation when in orthogonal view.

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