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  1. J0linar

    I am asking: WHY?

    From the things that i have seen so far ( am actually working in a emergency room where life and death and things like murder/ suicide and accidents are what i daily have to deal with as in see the end product of it) speaking for myself/ it doesnt leave me cold/ neither do i enjoy it but it is the way it is am objective and cannot allow myself to be dragged down by feelings/ as this is the ultimate no go where am working i fully understand the sickness but from my understanding the humanity is actually on a good way even with all those things that happen when lookin back at the 1st post of the thread it truly makes me sad but even kinda glad at least this way some of you been able to share and discuss our current situation in the world and art itself
  2. J0linar

    I am asking: WHY?

    lookin @ the latest posts it becomes clear that this is way over the initial starting post to be honest i dont really get this at all good & bad, beauty and the beast u can turn the coin all day long but those 2 will coexist and believing that art, pictures or movies or even games would be the reason for all of that is the same like being a racist u blame something for the actions of others there is no sense in it
  3. J0linar

    Garagarape sketchbook

    That would be a bad thing todo especially as u trully have the feeling for those things besides i must say that from all sculpting apps 3dcoat is the one that gives the best organic feeling (at least for me) anyways great work and lookin forward to some more
  4. J0linar

    J0linar - Sketchbook

    Thank you both, especially for takin the time to comment and yes i will keep posting as 3dCoat is 1 of the tools i love the most to work with, there will be much more to see again thank you
  5. J0linar

    J0linar - Sketchbook

    Those sculpts are not really new/ i made those some months ago for a project where am not anymore workin on still since they are not revealing the nature of the project and after all it is my own work, i wanted to show em so people dont get the wrong feeling about my art like someone from a thread on this forum! There are plenty more but those 2 are the closest to be seen as complete
  6. J0linar

    I am asking: WHY?

    I just came across this i don't know what your exact problem is tbh honest/ i am doin other stuff aswell and seriously if there where no ppl like me who express some other style of art... we would have never had those movie creatures or monsters in comics or whatever so plz instead of opening a thread to ask why how about u just except te fact that art is more then just what u see personally as art there is much more to this then what 1 person sees in it and freaks or monsters are a big part of cg art so just except the fact that not everyone is sculpting/ drawing real world all te time ( there is a reason why we don't do that, it`s called expression!) and btw if u would take teh time to look up my other sketchbooks am doin other things aswell and working with 3apps all the time it is not that am not interested in doin real world it is more that am going slowly as am learning by doing and 1of tose things is anatomy, u mentioned michalis who is a great artist when it comes to realistic sculpts but if i remember right he wrote once that he lacks the imagination part to create something that is not enterielly human ps: correct me if am wrong michalis anyways thx for pickin my sketchbook for the discussion
  7. Hi all, welcome to my Sketchbook am mainly goin to show here some of my experiments with 3dCoat and some finished proects aswell enjoy, feedback welcome This one will get some more attention when i get the time, plan on making a Alien Headbust with some kind of anatomical section This is just a result of me fooling around with the Curves Brush
  8. J0linar

    3D-Coat 3.7 updates thread

    ...good documentation, So far pilgway is doin fine with that, i have seen plenty of videos and well sometimes if we are honest u just need ur time to figure out the more complicated stuff but ofc a solid documentation would be great to have... now to the update talk, its a great thing to be able to test new stuff (stuff thats supposed to come in v4) like we can in 3dcoat other softwares are not directing their focus on the userbase like pilgway does so whatever decission nm wich way or how, we should be glad to be able to always test beta tools keep it comin
  9. Thats great news, welcome back Raul in my opinion this thread could be used as a wb Raul appreciation thread. Now with his return there should be some awesome stuff comin like the rest can barely wait for it
  10. J0linar

    Neat little software

    just before i hit the bed, yes it can u can adjust blur/sharpness along with some filters that come in handy, try the crispy bacon^^ as for displacement maps it automaticly asks u if u want it to invert so its pretty useful for exampel lets say u go the texture way u want to get a normal map out of a diffuse map the 1st u would have to convert it into a heightmap then convert the heightmap into a normal map then back into a heightmap where it asks u if u want to invert it, choose yes and at the end u can get a preety good working normal map made out of your diffuse map anyways njob is free and we shouldnt ask to much of it but it can easy stay on the level of crazybump or whatever u want and ye if u like njob dont hesitate to throw some bucks @ http://charles.hollemeersch.net/njob and maybe he might even update njob in the future, it for sure would be good to have a 3d preview
  11. J0linar

    Neat little software

    i actually use njob in my workflow, it produces some fairly good results and i can give a comparison between njob/crazybump/shadermap2 and it works under linux with whine, tested and confirmed teh onyl thing i miss tehre is a 3d preview, i hope the dev includes one in a new version "...michalis: But, what I'm asking from crazybumps or ShaderMap2 is a displacement/bump map from a normal map." u can convert a heightmap to a normal map and a diffuse to a normal and height and so on along with some neat filters (heightmaps are displacement maps for teh ones that dont get it) and u can do the opposite too and onvert it into a ambient occlusion map anyways i hope i helped a bit out sry if teh pic is too big :/ (hope it isnt...)
  12. i have to say this i luv ur sculpts, i struggle atm with stuff like that, am just good @ creepy scifish stuff (selfnote setup a sketch thread), i remember some of your earlier works done with sculptris and zb^^ it still amazes me great stuff michalis
  13. J0linar

    Free HardSurface Brush

    thats rly nice ty i might take a look @ this, maybe we can get some hard surface tech brush sets done
  14. RecordMyDesktop is tbh by far the best one to be used on linux, for one as its free and u can get it for other distros aswell, its not limited to ubuntu i have to admit that am currently not usin 3dcoat on linux but i plan to and when it comes to recording u will find urself pretty comfortable with RecordMyDesktop
  15. really nice and clean lookin