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  1. Andrew - hopefully you, your family, 3DC Team and friends in Ukraine are keeping safe.
  2. Always enjoy 3DC videos by Anton and AB Ranger. They are two of the very best for tutorials and videos on 3DC.
  3. Watched my St Louis Blues loose to the Carolina Hurricanes (NHL hockey) on TV and was very upset with their performance. So I poked around and I think I found the issue. It appears 3D Coat 2020 requires the exchange folder to be \Documents\3DCoat\Exchange However 3D Coat 2021 works with \Documents\3DCoat-2021\Exchange
  4. So back to square one as "Simple" appears to be way more trouble, especially without NOT appearing in the N panel. Why does the official "3D-Coat Applink" work with Blender 3.1 and 3DC 2021 BUT NOT with 3DC 2022. IMHO this is NOT a Blender issue. The problem IMHO is 3DC 2022 does not check the folder defined in the "Exchange_folder.txt" FBX files are being written to the folder defined in ""Exchange_folder.txt" which in my case is "E:\MyDocs\3DCoat-2021\Exchange" And the "Import.txt" is being written to by Blender. 3DC 2021 reads the Import.txt but it appears IMHO that 3DC 2022 is not reading it. What has changed with 3DC 2022? And in the bigger picture of global events Andrew, Carlosan and other 3DC staff having bigger issues with the hell Putin is putting you all through. My Applink issue is really a small thing. So please keep safe. Wishing you all the very best and pray all will return to normal soon in Ukraine.... Ken
  5. I checked and I had "Exchange_folder.txt" already in the folder C:\Users\username\Documents\3DC2Blender And it had the correct folder defined. So I deleted the file and recreated it. I believe this file is also used by the 3D-Applink as well as the Simple3D-AppLink As 3D Coat 2021 using the 3D-Applink will receive files from Blender 3.1 3DCoat 2022 using 3D-Applink or Simple3D-AppLink does not work. I see FBX files being written by Blender when I use the 3D-Applink but when I disable 3D-Applink and enable "Simple" - nothing happens. And Simple DOES NOT appear in the N panel. How can I get it to show in the N panel? I spend why too much time trouble shooting these 3D Coat Blender Addons then with any other Blender Addon. Cheers & take care...
  6. I did download the two python files from github and have no luck getting this addon to work. I've posted my issues here. I use a few Blender addons and seldom have issues with them (Quad remesher, Fluent, SimplyConcept, Kitops , etc. I've had more issues with this simple addon then ALL the others combined.
  7. Changed to red pen as blue pen does not display on web...
  8. Downloaded the 2 python script files from github _init_.py simple_coat.py Placed them in the addons folder for Blender 3.1.0 "C:\Users\kenmo\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\3.1\scripts\addons\io_simple_3dcoat" Enabled in preferences addons Saved with CONTROL and U Restarted Blender. Addon is enabled BUT it does not work
  9. Does this work with Blender 3.1? Where is the ZIP file for the addon so it can be installed the conventional why that ALL Blender addons are installed (ie: Fluent, Kitops, Quadremesher, SimplyConcept, etc)? This is the proper convention for addons for Blender.
  10. I looked at the mifth fork at github and it appears it only works with Blender 2.7 & 2.8 and I'm using 3.1. And I recently installed all my addons to 3.1. Also I see no ZIP file for the addon as there is with the majority of addons.
  11. But that post is referencing a addon from December 3,2013 and this old addon from 2013 works better with 3DC 2022?
  12. App link does not work for my 3DC 2022.14 but works perfectly for 3DC 2021.53 It also worked fine for previous versions of 3DC 2022 but stopped working with the recent update to .14. Both have their content installed in the same folder "E:\MyDocs\3dCoat-2021" Any ideas? Cheers & many thanks Kenmo
  13. Based upon the events currently happening in Ukraine, I feel like a complete ASS posting this rant about wanting more hard surface tutorials. Andrew, 3D Coat is the last thing that should be on your mind. Not unless it is an healthy diversion for you. I can not imagine the HELL you and your family must be going through. Please take care of yourself and your family. I am a bit perplexed how the west can sit idle and not come to the assistance of Ukraine, especially with Putin now recruiting thugs and terrorists from Syria. Surely Germany, France, Italy, UK, Spain, Romania, USA, Canada can see they can not trust Putin. Why is NATO content to be a witness to this carnage? God Bless you Andrew. Praying Ukraine and it's citizens can pull through this hellish onslaught.
  14. Yes, for sure. Andrew and crew are in my thoughts and prayers.
  15. Sorry if this is the wrong forum for this but I was wondering if anyone has heard from Andrew? I have been thinking of him all day as the current events in Ukraine unfold. Regards Ken
  16. Awesome...Many thanks for this Carlosan... I've been doing this in Metashape...
  17. I watched this video and I would like to thank you very much. I truly enjoyed and appreciated this. A side note, I notice you are from Ukraine and I would like to say that the people of Ukraine are in the thoughts and prayers of many people I know in Canada. Hoping all the political turmoil is soon addressed so peace and tranquility can prevail. Many thanks... Ken
  18. Awesome. I love these hard surface modeling tutorials. Only wish there were more. Many thanks for sharing....
  19. Cool. I do not use Rhino, but I do own & use MOI3D which was developed by Michael Gibson who did work on Rhino. Many thanks for this. Much appreciated.
  20. There are tons of sculpting videos for organic objects like characters, animals, etc. Recently there was an epic series on a rhino which I got bored of after watching the first three videos. Can we PLEASE have some videos on hard surface objects, specifically vehicles, cars, trucks, airplanes and even buildings? Spaceships seem to be the norm for hard surface tutorials in 3DC but not to be mean spirited ,IMHO of the hard surface objects spaceships are one of the easiest to do unlike a car, truck, etc. And I did purchase Anton Tenitsky excellent tutorial on sketching a car buggy in 3DC a few years ago and it was certainly well worth the cost. And I enjoyed it very much. But I was looking for something that was more in line with modeling a real to life car like a vintage Ford or Chevy, a modern day Porsche or Corvette, vintage WWII airplane (Mustang, Spitfire, Zero, Stuka ), etc. Thank kindly and I mean no insult to anyone. Kenmo
  21. 3D Coat is an outstanding app BUT it's auto retopo is light years behind Blender, Quad Remesher and Instant Meshes when it comes to speed and ease of use. Why has there been real no improvements in auto retopo in the last several years? What takes Quad Remesher about a minute to retopo takes 3DC a couple of hours. Sorry, but this is totally unacceptable.
  22. I decided to give the Blender applink a try again. I can honestly say it is working flawlessly with Blender 2.93 and 3DC 2021.61 and it has no problems with the fact my 3DC assets are on my E drive. Many thanks for resolving this issue and sorry if I offended you in the past. Cheers Kenmo
  23. Sounds cool... The very likeable and informative youtuber "arrimus 3d" recently had a couple of videos on this app. I already own MOI3D but will take a look at this free app. Cheers from Nova Scotia... Kenmo
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