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    Res+ command has gone missing!

    Been having strange problems myself with Cutoff in surface mode , merging in surface mode and also mesh explosions after proxy mode.
  2. The Candy-floss Kid

    Saving Brush Presets And Extensions Packs For Sharing?

    Artman - thank you for confirming that. I was hoping to avoid the boring bit :-) Thanks also for your suggestion - useful I'm sure for any one else also searching this topic. If only there was a function to copy and point a selected preset's alpha to an assigned folder , or a way to auto copy multi selected preset's alphas to an assigned folder when saving out an extension pack - the task of selecting presets to share would be far quicker.
  3. If I shared a brush preset collection does it's relevant alpha brushes get saved with it? I've been creating brush tool presets but some of the brush alphas are from different folder collection, some use modified and newly named LiveClay tools. Would I have to include all the folders these brush alphas are from as well as any created LiveClay tools they reference in an extension pack save? Not sure of the best way to go about this because it seems the brush presets reference the various folders that the brush alphas are from. If my Preset brushes reference seven different brush alphas from seven different folders - do all these folders, each with there many different alphas that are not utilized with the brush preset also have to be saved? My concern is saving an extension pack with bloated folders of alphas when the user only requires the few brush alphas referenced from each folder? What I want is to multi select a chosen selection of Presets from a Preset Collection and for the saved extension pack to save only the brush alphas required to a singular new folder as well as auto saving any user created liveclay tools referenced by the Presets. Heyelp. Yours confused
  4. The Candy-floss Kid

    Saving Brush Presets And Extensions Packs For Sharing?

    Thank you Artman for your reply, when going through the options to save a .3dcpack file I can only seem to choose the folders for the alphas. I can't seem to see a way to select only the alphas required individually from the brush alpha folders?
  5. The Candy-floss Kid

    [SCRIPT] Switch rooms using hotkeys

    I've been thinking for days it's a great shame you can't use hot keys to switch rooms and here's the solution. Bravo and thanks.
  6. The Candy-floss Kid

    V4.1 BETA (experimental 4.1.17D)

    The cmd key is going spare :-)
  7. The Candy-floss Kid

    V4.1 BETA (experimental 4.1.17D)

    Mac too - progress = spinning beach ball of death. Mac - standard convention requires, cmd key should emulate right click.
  8. Not as far as I'm aware. 3DCoat will read polypaint information however
  9. The Candy-floss Kid

    Farsthary update channel

    Ooh I want that - cool addition - somewhere between a poser and a form shaper. The mask is the gradient falloff for it's influence?
  10. The Candy-floss Kid

    Vertex Painting - Gradients Fills using Lines Mode

    Thanks both, I've been using 3DCoat for a good while yet the idea only came to me the other day. The fact that 3DCoat allowed me to set up tonal gradients as an under-paint so easily inspired me to share the thrill :-)
  11. A great feature when using vertex painting is being able set up quick tonal gradients on your sculpts thanks to the " lines mode" option of the fill tool. In combination with 3DCoat's Photoshop style blend layers - tonal values can be separated quickly and easily from color information. 3DCoat's paint layers allow you to easily separate tonal/ value painting from color painting. For example: paint tonal gradient values on one layer to help direct your eye within your design and as an adjunct to lighting interactions with your forms. Further tonal texture values can then be added on another layer and finally, a layer set to color blend can be used for your color work and saturation values relative to tonal range.
  12. The Candy-floss Kid

    V4.1 BETA (experimental 4.1.17D)

    Request to solve lines mode fill gradients issue with vertex paint. Andrew would it be possible to fix the pixelated aberrations issue when using fill with lines mode? It's an issue that's carried over from V3. I've posted a comparison image between a vertex painted gradient by brush and a lines mode fill gradient. NB: this issue occurs when using , fill by layer or objects mode but not when a gradient is applied through a paint with rectangle e-panel mode.
  13. The Candy-floss Kid

    3DCoat features you would like to see resolved

    Top of my head - everyday additions would greatly enhance my user experience. With 3DCoat there is a fall off in productivity the further the sculpt progresses i.e the larger to smaller concerns. 1,the inability to be able to hide or ghost the transform gizmo - when working with small details the gizmo interferes with placement. 2, The visual feedback/ perception of sculpting brush marks and behavior is hampered by the current limitation of shader materials. Two additions would greatly help here a, the ability to be able to adjust shadow density for sculpting in occluded portions b, the ability to be able to add sculpting room light settings as presets - and/or the addition of added lights in the sculpting room to be included to make up for the current limitation of materials. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Of lesser importance. 3, All brush build/ indent responses switchable either to camera all to normals 4, repeat last action or stroke ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ On a broader level which doubtless will make my opinion unpopular. 1, the lock down of further surface mode development in preference for a switch back to voxel development . 2, a broader realization of the rendering environment with regard true light placement and emphasis on ease of use and intuition.
  14. The Candy-floss Kid

    Nox 1

    Love the attitude you've captured in the character's gaze.
  15. The Candy-floss Kid

    Hybrid offhand sketch

    Great mix of hard and expressive organic surface.
  16. Thinking as I did that the Bas Relief tool was for ...well bas-relief, I had largely ignored it for quite some time. It turns out it's a very useful tool for many purposes. Now I find I use it all the time and so I created this video to share with other users who perhaps like me thought it for bas relief. Best viewed at full size on vimeo. Feel free to share other uses you find for the bas relief tool.
  17. The Candy-floss Kid

    The Bas Relief Tool And It's Uses

    Thank you Mr Digman.
  18. The Candy-floss Kid

    The Bas Relief Tool And It's Uses

    My pleasure, thank you Christoph.
  19. The Candy-floss Kid

    Tree leaves

    For the sake of quick uv's on multiple leaves I would work in inverse of what you describe i.e remodel/design a tree based off a main trunk generated with a free tree generation program such as treesketch for the ipad or use fibermesh with zbrush for placements along existing polygons. In other words keep the uved leafs generated and restyle/sculpt the trunk and branches in 3dcoat https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/treesketch/id421230117?mt=8
  20. The Candy-floss Kid


    Mystery solved and story told in one fun image. A lovely post.
  21. The Candy-floss Kid

    Tree leaves

    Final use for rendering in 3DC only or exporting to another app?
  22. The Candy-floss Kid

    Is 3D-COAT the right application for me?

    A solution to help 3DCoat is to break your model into components for auto uv mapping in 3dc rather than uv mapping it all in one go. That can be an effective solution.Export these with paint maps and uv's and reassemble back on Lightwave. Obviously this does not give you the advantage of manual control for laying out uv's for the purpose of assembling texture maps quickly in photoshop For work such as this I often create my uv's when modelling particularly for components that are replicated. I'm sure with a good part of this model you could get quite happily with projection mapping rather than uv's.
  23. The Candy-floss Kid

    [SOLVED] Scale. What is the best procedure to use?

    Glad it was of help and good luck with getting up to speed with 3DCoat. I created my videos some time back but here's the Pilgway channel on youtube to keep you posted on all the new additions http://www.youtube.com/user/PILGWAY3DCoat/videos?flow=grid&view=0
  24. The Candy-floss Kid

    [SOLVED] Painting confusion

    Hi Jason,yes the operation you performed should culminate with the object finally transferred to the paint room.
  25. The Candy-floss Kid

    [SOLVED] Painting confusion

    Grimm, could you describe further what you mean by cleaning up the edges? Do you mean cleaning up the edges by painting color or painting normal depth information? Do you mean you cannot paint in the paint room? If you meaning cleaning up edges by further sculpting then you would have to do this in a sculpt room before running the autopo operation that sent it to the paint room.