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  1. Britain

    Blender Applink

    Thanks, Didn't know your were the creator.
  2. Britain

    Blender Applink

    Wheres the latest link for the applink? Thanks
  3. Britain

    The Nikon P900 Superzoom- $599

    Interesting. But only shoots in .jpg. From what can be read all the zoom is crushing in the .jpg
  4. Britain

    Wow Blender Asset Managment app

    Wont replace SW. If I was to send in a Blender using Hard Ops model for quoting I'd get laughed out the door. Hard Ops is pretty cool though.
  5. Yes I did. Good program. Close to Lightroom.
  6. Wow nice! Found a windows version. Thanks for sharing!
  7. Britain

    New_Web page look

    I also felt it was to bright. Reverted to the old 3Dcoat at bottom change theme.....
  8. Britain

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    Missing split tool in voxel, its in surface. DX ,GL and and associated Cuda
  9. Yes the paint works need to refresh a few times.
  10. @ mifth There could be other painting imports ( per pixel painting for one) crashing 3dcoat also. Carlosan would know more on the changes. Real cool Miratool and mifthtool thanks for those! umm per pixel painting started working.....
  11. The app is using an older 3dcoat retopo. The newer 3dcoat has an option for hard surface retopo. The retopo either needs to be fixed or removed from the app.
  12. It appears to be pulling up an older Retopology. There also is no option for Hardsurface Retopology. It is referencing and older 3Dcoat version.
  13. Using Blender 2.75A , 3DCOAT 4.5.07 Mesh for Auto retopology crashes 3DCoat.
  14. Britain

    New mother board

    Updated BIO's and Nvidia drivers, all is good. Thanks
  15. Britain

    New mother board

    DX side is working the GL is not. Let me trouble shoot the video card.