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  1. There either an issue with 3dcoat or the app. Hard surface modeling with bevels or edge loops breaks the smart materials with edge detect in some instances. The pictures are of a simple object with one boolean cut. Adding a small bevel to all edges breaks the edge detect. With No bevel theres no edge detect. Add one bevel and there edge detect on all edges. Add a edge loop cut breaks the smart material. I havent determine why this happens.
  2. After using the app for a few years I also lost the ability to export to. Out of nowhere it disappeared from the 3dcoat program. No upgrade to any OS or programs were done when this happened. Im still on widows 7. Did the usual trouble shooting install fresh 3dcoat and Blender and still no menu to export to. Luckily the Open in original app (3dcoat) still works so I can still use the program with out the trouble of setting up the nodes in Blender. Currently only using 3dcoat for texturing and painting. Though open in original app needs the correct folder address with only the newest current work loaded into it for Blender to read correctly.
  3. Thanks, Didn't know your were the creator.
  4. Wheres the latest link for the applink? Thanks
  5. Interesting. But only shoots in .jpg. From what can be read all the zoom is crushing in the .jpg
  6. Wont replace SW. If I was to send in a Blender using Hard Ops model for quoting I'd get laughed out the door. Hard Ops is pretty cool though.
  7. I also felt it was to bright. Reverted to the old 3Dcoat at bottom change theme.....
  8. Missing split tool in voxel, its in surface. DX ,GL and and associated Cuda
  9. @ mifth There could be other painting imports ( per pixel painting for one) crashing 3dcoat also. Carlosan would know more on the changes. Real cool Miratool and mifthtool thanks for those! umm per pixel painting started working.....
  10. The app is using an older 3dcoat retopo. The newer 3dcoat has an option for hard surface retopo. The retopo either needs to be fixed or removed from the app.
  11. It appears to be pulling up an older Retopology. There also is no option for Hardsurface Retopology. It is referencing and older 3Dcoat version.
  12. Using Blender 2.75A , 3DCOAT 4.5.07 Mesh for Auto retopology crashes 3DCoat.
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