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  1. artofcharly


    Hello everyone! This my new head sculpture which I've done for customer from Sweden. Sculpting - 3d Coat Texturing - Quixel Suite 2 Rendering - Octane, 3dcoat, Vray You can buy this model here - http://3ddd.ru/3dmodels/show/biust_gierkuliesa
  2. hello i am currently trying to retopo something and when i press ctrl z to undo it sometimes changes the topo any tips on what i have done and how to fix it would be greatly appreciated thanks
  3. macalabs


    From the album: Macalabs Sketch Dump

    3D Coat inner PBR render.
  4. Содержание видео: Нажимаем на ссылки и вас сразу перенесет в эту временную шкалу. 00:00 - 00:08 - Интро 00:08 - 00:13 - Инфо-партнеры 00:13 - 00:20 - Название урока 00:20 - 02:23 - Вводная часть. Приветствие и загрузка дополнительных материалов 02:23 - 05:30 - Обзор инструментария для создания цветовой карты под NDo 05:30 - 07:08 - информация о слоях, которые нужны для цветовой карты. Обзор уровней вогнутых и выпуклых деталей. 07:08 - 17:01 - Рисование слоев вогнутых и выпуклых деталей. 17:01 - 17:08 - Экспорт цветовой карты в Photoshop 17:08 - 17:30 - Заливка всех слоев белым цветом и объяснение причины этого действия. 17:30 - 19:00 - Работа с картами нормалей в NDo 19:00 - 19:10 - Экспорт готовой карты. 19:10 - 19:57 - Проверка карты в Marmoset Toolbag 2 19:57 - 21:17 - Загрузка ее в 3d Coat и анализ работы с PBR материалами. 21:17 - 23:17 - Борьба с ошибками симметрии в Zbrush 23:17 - 23:57 - Концовка. Предыдущий урок. Кнопка подписки, а также кнопки моих магазинов. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ► Модель для урока - https://cloud.mail.ru/public/YbWT/tE69MjWpJ ► 3d coat интерфейс - https://cloud.mail.ru/public/MsBx/ZbouWFnN9 ► Блог с уроками - http://charlytuts.blogspot.com/ ► Моя группа с уроками в ВК - http://vk.com/charlytuts
  5. Hey guys, Here's my Steampunk inspired vehicle, I modeled everything using 3D Coat's Sculpt Room. Once the model was finished it was around 6-8 million poly. So I retopologized it in 3D Coat and managed to get it to about 39K poly and was really impressed. After which I textured it using the Paint Room and smart materials and rendered within the Render Room. Everything was done within 3D Coat. I'd wanted to try connecting a mix between a go-cart style unibody and a one wheeled motorcycle. Thanks for checking it out. :)
  6. First Model Challenge - June Ahh, the summer.. What better time to start modeling? *Insert any other time of the year* - yes, yes - we know, it's always a good time to start doing some wicked digital art. The rules are the same - your first model uploaded on CGTrader is an entry for the challenge. We're partnering 3D-Coat who are handing out Professional licenses for the top 3 contestants. Let the 3D modeling summer begin! Participation
  7. From the album: Macalabs Sketch Dump

    Scifi environment workflow practice. P.S. This is a tweaked an edited version of my very first city image in this gallery.
  8. hello i am currently trying to retopo something and when i press ctrl z to undo it sometimes changes the topo any tips on what i have done and how to fix it would be greatly appreciated thanks
  9. macalabs

    Fuelship Orthos

    From the album: Macalabs Sketch Dump

    Some orthos rendered in keyshot (toon shader) and the 3/4 view rendered in 3dcoat and its excellent PBR system. As a concept artist I love the flexibility it gives me.
  10. macalabs


    From the album: Macalabs Sketch Dump

    Some hardsurface practice. Fuelship, as the title implies.
  11. From the album: Macalabs Sketch Dump

    This is the final result, rendered in Keyshot and painted over in Photoshop, now onto other shores I go :P
  12. EDITING NAVIGATION PRESET FILES I often edit the 3D-Coat "Navigation Preset"-files using a programmer's editor, because I find the existing "Setup Navigation" UI-dialog limiting and hard to use. This is the dialog I'm talking about: One of the things I like to do, is to use "XML comments" to indicate different "sections" or "blocks" of controls. (Examples of this can be seen at the bottom of this post.) 3D-COAT XML PARSER ERROR Here's the problem... the XML parser in 3D-Coat that reads the "Navigation Preset"-files does not understand XML comment tags. If I try to load a "Navigation Preset" that has comments inside, 3D-Coat will throw up an "XML Error!"-dialog and stop processing the file. The error looks like this: So, before I can use "Navigation Presets" containing comments in 3D-Coat, I will have to run them through a regular expression that removes all of the comments, and save the output as an uncommented "Navigation Preset" into the 3D-Coat "NavigationPresets" folder. However, I would like to avoid stripping the comments. Normally, a well designed XML-parser would simply ignore and skip the comment tags, and continue processing the remaining tags without an error. FEATURE REQUEST My hope is that the XML parser in 3D-Coat would be enhanced to handle (skip) XML comment tags. Andrew, could you please enhance the 3D-Coat XML parser so that it skips any XML comment tags that it encounters inside the "Navigation Presets" and other XML files that 3D-Coat uses. Before anything more comprehensive can be implemented in terms of a better Custom Navigation UI-interface, this would help me so much in keeping my presets well organized internally. ADDITIONAL PROGRAMMER'S NOTES The structure of the "Navigation Preset" files could be further enhanced by adding proper tags for sections, which could be displayed in the 3D-Coat "Navigation Setup" UI as a treeview, allowing control definitions to be categorized by section. Here's a draft of the proposed enhanced XML-structure, with sections. Note that this is just a draft of concept, which can be even further enhanced: <NaviSystem> <Events> <Section name="PANORAMA CONTROLS"> <NaviEvent> ... </NaviEvent> <NaviEvent> ... </NaviEvent> </section> <Section name="VIEWPORT NAVIGATION, ROTATE"> <NaviEvent> ... </NaviEvent> <NaviEvent> ... </NaviEvent> </section> <Section name="VIEWPORT NAVIGATION, ZOOM"> <NaviEvent> ... </NaviEvent> <NaviEvent> ... </NaviEvent> </section> ... </Events> </NaviSystem> EXTRA, SOME EXAMPLES OF MY USE OF COMMENTS IN XML I added this sub-heading to my post, just to give my request some context; so that you could see why these XML comments are important to me. (And after I have demonstrated this, possibly to others also!) Here's an example of a "Navigation Preset" inside the editor, with all sections fully collapsed. You will notice that I use the "XML comments" to indicate different blocks of control definitions. This helps me keep everything organized. Here's an example of a "Navigation Preset" inside the editor, with all sections expanded further to reveal the "hotkeys", while still keeping additional "NaviEvent" details hidden. This gives me a simple overview of what controls are defined in any section. Last, here's an example of a "Navigation Preset" inside the editor, with two fully expanded subsections, when I want to edit additional "NaviEvent" properties. Cheers, AgentSam PS. In regard to what Javis posted here: http://3dcoat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=17192, I'm a bit confused about where to actually post FEATURE REQUESTS, because it looks like this forum section about feature requests has been about to "go away" for two years now, but it hasn't... so I guess this is the place to post in. However, for what it's worth, I think this board might be the perfect place to post feature request even in the future, because here we can use much richer formatting with embedded images and whatnot, than we could in Mantis. EDIT: Just fixed a typo.
  13. Steampunk Vehicle Contest June 2016 a.d. ATZE-TM Entry Bombay bombs away Renderings made with Reallusion ® 3dxChange and iClone
  14. Hey, I just tried to update my 3DCoat to 4.5.37 but when it installs I'm running 4.0.04B. I'm guessing this isn't right? I can't open my .3b files either. Thanks Sarah
  15. Hi, Please check and confirm if you get the same problem: http://3dcoat.com/mantis/view.php?id=2125 Below are full details of the bug-report: SUMMARY State of UI setting "Preferences, Hide Scrollers" is incorrect. DESCRIPTION In "Preferences"-dialog, in "Theme"-tab, the state of the checkbox setting called "Hide scrollers" is the opposite of what it is supposed to be. When "Hide Scrollers" is CHECKED (enabled), the scrollers are SHOWN. When "Hide Scrollers" is UNCHECKED (disabled), the scrollers are HIDDEN. This behavior is the exact opposite of what the checkbox is supposed to do. STEPS TO REPRODUCE Open "Preferences, Themes". Make "Hide Scrollers" checked, and scrollers will be shown (incorrect). Make "Hide Scrollers" unchecked, and scrollers will be hidden (incorrect). ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Please see the attached files for a visual description of the problem. Cheers, AgentSam
  16. Hey. I start to to model the steam tricycle. Will see what happens.
  17. It would be great if there was an easy way to set the camera up to aid in the creation of 2.5D isometric game assets. A quick mode where it switches the camera to orthgraphic mode and the rotation to 45 degrees in the Y. Giving the user options for X rotation since it varies between games and preferences. Default could be -30 or -45 though since those are common. If there were a subtle grid overlay that you could toggle on and off too, it would be helpful. Since you've got to maintain those lines in your textures. This would be pretty cool! Thanks.
  18. I've very recently started playing around with 3D coat. Now I've finished texturing my first model I've hit an issue. The image on the left is how i see it in 3D Coat and the right is after i have rendered it in 3DSmax. It seems to have lost a significant amount of detail and a lot of the spec I'm using the default scan line renderer in this image in max but have also tried VRay and had the exact same result. Can anyone give me any pointers as to what i am likely doing wrong? I've basically spent the entire day trying to figure this out and feeling a bit fried. (we've all been there) Any help gratefully received. http://sta.sh/0c2rmylhn6j
  19. Hello everyone, I'm new to 3d Coat edu, I place my tutorial explaining how to paint a model created with Lightwave and textured in 3d coat and rendered in Lightwave. I hope you can be useful
  20. Malo

    Sphere Bot

    From the album: Malo

    A little old project from me. Created with Blender, 3d Coat and Substance Designer and Painter

    © Malo

  21. Hey Guys, Well I am officially confused and It was made me just not be able to think. I have a model in 3D Coat, which is a little goblin, he has a shield and sword. Within his unwrap, I created 3 UVSets, clothing, sword, skin. Now I am confused as to how I apply these to my model in other programs?? bECAUSE i CAN ONLY USUALLY SELECT ONE DIFFUSE MAP, YET I HAVE 3. Thanks!
  22. salut la compagnie, oui, oui pour l'instant elle est sacrément triste :s...
  23. From the album: FanArt

    First render for an upcoming project. Hope to show more very soon. Hope you like!
  24. Dear 3d coat team, I have another idea, something that I believe is missing for your programme to officially compete with the likes of zbrush when it comes to creating character models for games, and these tools are the following. Rigging System, this tool would allow you to create a character rig inside of 3d coat negating the need to export the character into another programme getting rid of the need to compensate for the differences in both programmes used and all other checks you need to perform and the act its self of exporting the character model, overall speeding up peoples creativity and allowing people to create their models quicker and get them into the game engine fully complete faster. for this you could utilize the curve tool just like zbrush does with the zspheres, and if you include spheres 2 functionality you could create the rig first then paint over the rig creating the base mesh or if you have already got the base mesh use this tool to create the rig. plus if you create the rig first then the base mesh, the rig would automatically spend itself to the rig it is being drawn on but if you are creating the base mesh first then you have to append the rig to the mesh of your choice by hand. Weight Painting for character animations to work or should I say to be able to create character animations, the mesh needs to know how to behave when a bone moves that is in the local area, the way this is achieved is by weight painting the mesh, this could be done inside the paint room, currently you are able to paint, colour, normal/bump, specular/highlight, and emission, this would allow you to weight paint the mesh for character animations, a way to see how the changes affect the movement in real-time when the corresponding bones are moved would also be a nice addition, this would mean that you would not have to constantly move the character between rooms to see if the changes are any good, it would greatly improve speed and accuracy of the results and the fun factor, I do believe it would make the tedious task of weight painting more fun and therefore a task more manageable within 3dcoat which would be a good marketing ploy and win over some zbrushers, and since you can do all of your game character completely within 3dcoat with this improvement, why would you want to have any other programme other than this and the specific game engine of choice. it would become the perfect companion of game developers. the last point is character animations, the ability to create character animations inside 3dcoat so that you can create fully complete game characters inside 3dcoat, through applinkz, you could include support for other character animation tools in other applications that currently support applinkz therefore the person is not just restricted with creating character animations in either one or the other but can actively switch between the two programs to create character animations in both 3dcoat and his other animation too of choice whether that is blender or 3ds max. thank you I do honestly believe that this would be huge, and would definitely be the programme for the artist, just a note if you need to export something, then the programme is not finished and not artist friendly, any tool that allows me to do both inside the same application is a god send.
  25. I jump back and forth between the two pieces of software, I have a good workflow for this but it would still be nice. Gradient Map mainly These would be okay too. hue/sat brightness/contrast Thanks.
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