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Found 13 results

  1. https://carlosan.gumroad.com/l/bspet
  2. This may be a very silly question. I'm trying to create a wet clay shader using a repeating Normalmap texture but I'm getting straight lines that get more pronounced as I increase the bump. How do I make these go away? Thanks
  3. I hate to have to ask, but I can't find any instruction on how to actually install .3dcpacks Are they supposed to dropped over the active program? When I drop on the application icon inside the folder, the .cdpack file just copies into the folder at the first level.
  4. I invested more time in learning 3d coat's features and got into organic modeling with it. I've whipped up a couple models and played around with shaders over the past month.
  5. 3dsmax & Vray Workflow with 3ds max: QUESTIONS & Answers HD Video with QUESTIONS to 3D Coat, Linear Workflow and re-producing Vray Shaders inside 3dsmax. My website on which I am going to post all my progress and document step by step a workaround and solution: http://www.bernhardrieder.com/3d-coat/ Questions I hope I am going to get answered : What Gamma values do have the exported texture maps from 3d coat ? What texture map should be used in which slot of a Vray Shader ? Thanks a lot for any little help, hints, tips and tricks ! Happy Pixeling
  6. ajz_voxTreeShaders2csv I wrote the script for my own use several weeks ago, but I think there's nothing wrong with sharing it. Perhaps someone will find it useful. DESCRIPTION: The script iterates through the whole VoxTree, collecting names and bound shaders of each visible layer. It then writes this information to a CSV file which can be opened by a spreadsheet application of one's choice. The script might be useful if you have a very complex scene with dozens of objects and shaders and you want to inspect which objects use which shaders. It can also be helpful when planning things in the retopo room. If you forget where you saved your file, check the script execution log: Scripts->View execution log. INSTALLATION: Copy ajz_voxTreeShaders2csv.txt and ajz_voxTreeShaders2csv.xml to %USERPROFILE%\Documents\3D-CoatV4\Scripts\ExtraMenuItems and restart 3D Coat. The script will be accessible through File->Export menu. CONFIGURATION: There's more detailed information on how to configure the script in the ajz_voxTreeShaders2csv.txt file. Please read it before using the script. Drop me a word if you have any questions, ideas or find a bug. Thanks. ajz_voxTreeShaders2csv-1.1.zip
  7. I am a complete noob with the 3d coat shader system, pbr and otherwise. I would like to know if it might be possible to produce an x-ray(ish) shader that could be applied to bone models. Attached is a version out of Blender that is basically what I am looking for. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, Ben
  8. Hi all, I have been looking in the forums for info on creating shaders for 3dc, but I can only find shares and whatnot, not really an explanation. I've seen some GLSL floating around there, and was wondering how I can create a shader for 3dc (importing vertex/fragment shaders as well). Any direction would be appreciated!
  9. I found that you can get some interesting results by changing the shaders while painting vertices in the paint room. Not ready for baking until I retopo. So, I was wondering if It gets baked on the model as well? Check the layer 0 visibility to off, if I do not want layer 0(shader) to bake?
  10. here are some shaders for 3d coat that I use as my default shaders when making stuff library.3dcpack
  11. Greetings, I have been trying to dig into the logic behind folders (brushes, materials, etc) so I know where things go, backup or can group differently, etc. Is there a straightforward outline of what goes where and where those folders are? I feel confused. Thank You, Kevin L
  12. I have recently started making my own shaders however, for some reason when making my own they always turn out be shiny or metallic in look even if they are matte shaders. Yet when I use similar shaders for other programmes like zbrush in 3d coat they come out looking as they should. I am at my wits end as to how I should make the shader look so that the programme processes it correctly and makes it matte etc. Any tips are most welcome. I enclose an image of a shader that comes out shiny and metallic for your reference when it should be matte
  13. It's evident that the applink support falls short in many instances for example 3dsmax 2013 has been out for the last six months and has no support also other have issues of it not working at all with their software. As a touted feature, it;s very disappointing to find that applinks do not work after all for you. I think it would be beneficial if 3dcoat supported the FBX format a little better, to the degree that texture maps would appear in their relevant slots when opened in 3dcoat. Personally I use mudbox over 3dcoat painting because, I'm not willing to set up all my shaders again, each time. Thanks I'm aware of the 3dsmax 2013 update link, in the back of said app thread, but like many it does not work for me.
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